The Enterprise

The Official Student Publication of the School of Business and Accountancy
August 23, 2023

The Calm Before the Exam

Wolves may disrupt your mind space, But even the snail had won the race, If you’re puzzled by the questions, Worry not; you have studied all […]
August 10, 2023

ManSoc conducts FTF Induction Night, introduces officers

The Management Society (ManSoc), one of the official institutions of the School of Business and Accountancy (SBA) initiated its first face-to-face annual Induction Night since the […]
October 19, 2022

Is Monkeypox as alerting as it sounds?

Monkeypox (MPXV) is a zoonotic virus caused by a smallpox-like disease, infecting any individual exposed to or who had close contact with an infected animal. The […]
September 18, 2022

#DolphWINS: SBA hails as MATENAKAN 2022 Overall Champion

The School of Business and Accountancy (SBA) surfs up its fins claiming the highest spot in MATENAKAN 2022, the Holy Angel University Student Council’s (HAUSC) second […]