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August 16, 2022
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September 1, 2022

Did I take the right track?

“Hindi ka Humanista lang. Humanista ka.”


Every past midnight, I sit at my desk writing an essay about politics and human rights. Multiple layers of paper beside me, reading about social issues. My eyes felt bawling out as I watched hundreds of videos regarding globalization and the different cultures of the globe. It gives the feeling of waking up from a midnight dream and then suddenly being transported into walking down a different path of reality. 

As college started, the marathon had begun for S.Y. 2021-2022 Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) students. HUMSS graduates followed a different road— walking through the gates of the School of Business and Accountancy. After a month of study, my eyes opened to the difficulty of accountancy and business-related subjects.   

At the beginning of Senior High, learning about social sciences overflowed my curious mind. But after two years, being analytical and solving accounting problems have washed away my previous learnings. Everything I learned has come to waste as if Senior High School never existed. The experience was like going back to square one. It is hard to navigate the right track when you feel odd and unrelated to other SBA students. 

Questions filled my mind about my career choice than the college program. Countless episodes wondering if choosing a BSBA-Management course is the right track—is it the right choice? 

There were more disadvantages for HUMSS graduates compared with other strands taking a business major college program. The myth about not having a mathematics subject in the HUMSS strand was wrong. However, the curriculum for my strand was centralized on critical thinking and creativity contrasted with analyzing problems. There was a math subject in the curriculum, but most of its topics were about statistics. 

The quote “Hindi ka Humanista lang. Humanista ka.” was difficult to sense within me as I tried to get familiarized with my current subjects. There was a nostalgic feeling about participating in a politics class, sharing ideas regardless of people’s perceptions, and having a friendly debate with classmates. There were episodes when I felt the quote during online classes, but I forgot that I am not a Humanista student anymore. But I am a management student. 

However, it makes me wonder what could have been if I had taken a course related to my strand; would it be different? 

After graduating from the HUMSS track and suddenly taking a BSBA management major program was a rollercoaster ride. I had known some of my HUMSS batchmates that decided to take a BSBA major. The leap from HUMSS to SBA indicates the necessary adjustment period for HUMSS graduates to grasp the nature of business and accountancy. But no matter the degree of difficulty in college, there always will be a relatable feeling among my batchmates. 

We can only hope for what is yet to come as it is still our choice to be persistent and start this new venture in college together, with the spirit of Humanista.  

However, I don’t know if my course is on the right track for me. Sometimes I don’t know the answer until someone asks, “why did I take a management course?”

I cannot foretell the answer to my question, but one thing is certain, I imagine myself working in the business industry.  In this course, I based my decision on improving my skills and potential. Before, I acknowledged the risk of taking a management program. In every risk, there are countless consequences. However, it is my decision whether I will continue or not. 

College is a bumpy road. If you have a compass, you will reach your destination. And maybe sometimes, you can finally answer the question, “did I take the right track?”




LAYOUT BY: Casey R. Aguilos, Christian Aviv A. Cruz, Angela Kate D. Abejo, Triesha Mae D. Galang

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