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VEC to usher the rising local eSports scene

Fresh off the heels of CONQuest 2022, the Ministry for Esports and Gaming under the League of Students for Excellence of Holy Angel University-Valiant Esports Club (VEC) is eager to share its plans for both students and aspiring varsity players alike.


“For the current academic year, we already have our plans laid out although, of course, we are yet to confirm these plans to the Office of Student Affairs. We are planning some face-to-face LAN tournaments if it becomes possible for us to do so.” VEC President Arianne Dayle Yandan said in an interview.


The success of CONQuest 2022 preludes a bright future for Philippine Esports. The VEC, being one of the premier gaming clubs in the nation, is expected to help spearhead efforts toward the local esports scene.


As of date, the organization will participate in “The Split 2” of AcadArena’s Alliance Games, representing the university in games such as League of Legends, Valorant, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Wild Rift.


“We only have a short amount of time in between the Finals of Split 1 and the start of Split 2, so we are in a bit of a rush to do tryouts and find new players,” Yandan stated.


The VEC recently participated in the AcadArena-sponsored event CONQuest 2022, placing third overall in Split 1 and winning first place in Wild Rift. They have participated in previous events hosted by AcadArena, gaining several accolades including “Overall Best Alliance”.


When asked about her opinion regarding the esports scene in the Philippines, she felt that although Esports is not yet the norm, there has been significant growth compared to previous years.


“If I am going to compare it to the previous years, yes. The audience and participants increased significantly, especially as we are starting to break the stigma that Esports is just about video games,” the VEC President replied.


The organization is currently holding academy and varsity tryouts, with students from all departments allowed to represent the university in local and national events. She said that although game heads decide on who is qualified to join, they are looking for “a player who knows how to play well with his team will be victorious”.


“…we are looking forward to the new generation of Valiant Varsity and we are hoping that their teamwork will be better than those who preceded them,” she added.


The organization intends to continue its mission to “promote the esports scene and provide a platform for socializing, healthy competition, and excellence,” and to provide a truly #ValiantExperience.


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