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Flickering Light in a Dark Tunnel

Tunnels are scary yet thrilling. You never know what’s ahead. But as dedication overcomes the pitch-black surroundings of the cave, one may find a tiny flickering gem that can illuminate a safe space in the overwhelming darkness, just like life.

In my youth, I always wore an enthusiastic face with an optimistic attitude—a kid pumped to enter adulthood to explore things that I could not do due to my minority. I always believed overcoming a rock-hard problem would mean no sweat if you used your hammer correctly—not until the debris of stones fell and blocked the entrance as I walked through the dark tunnel of life.

There are no turnarounds or coming back now. So, instead of being covered by fear, I embraced reality. As I scratched the flint with my stone and lit the tiny torch, the fire burning the cloth opened a vision through the unknown path. At first, the atmosphere seemed penetrable because I carried the advice of my parents and the trust of those who believed in me until I trampled on the first obstacle– depicting how I disappointed my people, my losing, and the failure to keep up with academic responsibilities.

With a brave heart, I accepted who I was and stood up with the blazing light I had and a couple of bruises on my knees. Stopping was never my choice after all the piled sacrifices of the people supporting me. So I kept walking, digging, and climbing on the muddy wall of the cave to find that tiny hope of a sparkling jewel. However, I fell and trampled again on my second trial— mimicking my defeats, depleting grades, and the lack of financial support to continue my studies.

As I lay on the ground from the impact above, I wished that my youth never ended and did not have to encounter countless problems. I could wake up in the morning; everything was just a dream. Nevertheless, I still stood up with a vulnerable heart and multiple wounds in my body. But with a dead torch in my hand, my eyes only see nothingness, and my ears ring from the sound of silence. 

Tears started to drip down my face, for I had to create my own resource of light—conveying the time that I had to stop studying and look for a job because my family could not finance my school at the time. I strived so hard just to create a flaming light of hope and to get out of this tunnel with a gem in my hand. Despite adversity, I still fought and continued my journey.

With the determination to dig, walk, and climb through the pit, I finally found the path leading to the end of the tunnel from afar. With all the hardships of years of striving hard, I finally found the gem and the flickering light at the end of the tunnel.

I remember my mom saying, “Life will give you tons of problems. But no matter what happens, you must keep moving forward, for everything will be worth it.”  Indeed, the universe will not always be on our side. But what matters the most is our determination to continue despite how big the odds are in front of us. It’s not about how you started it but how you finished it. We always try to escape until we reach that flickering light at the end of the dark tunnel.


PHOTO SOURCE(s): Biance Zildjian Nery

LAYOUT ARTIST(s): Christian Aviv Cruz

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