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September 1, 2022
A Note to Remember
September 1, 2022

A Reality of Impermanence

Looking at the clock tickling its hands around its number made me realize that changes occur every second, minute and hour. Just like our age, we do not realize that we will come to a point where we are not youth anymore and will have to deal with many responsibilities in life. As of the age of 20, where anytime we will become full pledge adults, how can we be ready for the stage of transitioning?

How fun is it to become a youth? The age of many possibilities. It was the freedom; to learn from our experiences, to choose what path we should take. Liberty to make our firsts memorable such as our first love, first overnight, first party, and even our first competition.

Yet, youth is just a phase of our life. Change is constant, just like people, time, and relationships. Time would pass. The hair-raising reality will allure us. We become independent, especially in our decisions, having our own lives — and choosing careers over matters. We tend to sacrifice some things that do not end up on our way as our different responsibilities make us feel as if we do not have a season and nature to cherish. What we are used to will be just a memory. These are only good memories and lessons to take with our next journey.

Adulting is arduous, as we perceived it. The atmosphere will be different. We gradually know the depths of reality – that we are the one who is accountable for making our time. 

In this pandemic, where the first digit in our age has changed, it was an indirect starting point in our life that we should be now independent. We should be fond of leveling up, but we must never forget the times when the experiences we have encountered shaped us to be the person we are now.

Through the various phases, as we grow, we have learned that difficulties may bring out an opportunity for us. We somehow do not understand our parents, but we tend to get their points as we grow. We made friends who stayed to dream, live, laugh, and support us forever.

Twenty is the age where we should be aware and open. If there is still time, treasure all those moments and experiences as someday, all those moments will turn into a memory. Be sure we create moments that don’t have a tint of regret, as we could not turn back the clock.




LAYOUT BY: Casey R. Aguilos, Christian Aviv A. Cruz, Angela Kate D. Abejo, Triesha Mae D. Galang

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