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August 28, 2023
No One
August 28, 2023

A Solace like Solaria

The confined borders of ourselves and our image exist within walls of exposure and interaction. Relationality is, in our nature, considerable as part of the matrix of our humanity. Not solitary, but sociality. We form relationships and treasure the bonds as part of meeting people and building connections. Still, among all that we encounter and get to be with exists a feeling towards which another is not felt. Possibly indescribable, unexplainable, but ever endearing and warm.

Solace – comfort or consolation. A feeling of relief attributed to many possibilities. It can be in the form of five of the most comforting things, such as a warm, cozy blanket and a stuffed toy, hours of music, rest, a nice long bath, or even meditation. While it can be associated with these, it is not limited to nor restricted to such. It is known that the best kind of comfort comes from a conversation. A conversation then requires another for it to occur, a person. Another comfort is the league’s level of difference from material things or activities. Words dig deep in moments of pondering and silence, shaping feelings and emotions. In times of release – venting, ranting, and in times of doubt – affirmation and encouragement, a comfort person is all it requires. These interactions can affect and influence mood and emotions, raising the curtains for a new point of view.

Solaria is a room mostly made of glass to admit sunlight. It pertains to the structure and physicality of a room. But, figuratively, it takes on a whole new set of meanings. Light is always associated with hope and positivity. Even across cultures, it is a symbol of understanding and intellectual thought. Assimilating this context into its figurative connotation, it pertains to someone who is a light bringer or a source of light — someone who brings forth a surge of aura and energy, countering the shackles of morosity and mundanity, manifesting the associations of light, reflecting unto fruition our mood and demeanor.

Ultimately, a solace like Solaria is the marriage of everything aforementioned. It pertains to someone who is both our comfort and light incarnate, able to mend and restore the drive in ourselves. Present in times of need and present in times of picking up. A comfort person to rely on and lean back on and a light bringer for understanding and renewal.

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