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A Solace like Solaria
August 28, 2023
You Are Who You Are
August 28, 2023

No One

The moment the first leaf of autumn fell on the ground, that was the time that I saw you. You were holding a cup of espresso that you bought in the coffee shop downtown and wearing faded blue jeans and a worn-out white Converse.

Your tanned skin was being kissed by the golden streaks of sunlight as if they were friends with it, lips as red as the first bloom of roses in a summer field, and dark-colored eyes that turn into lines when you smile.

I was never a fan of romantic clichés, nor did I see myself experiencing one. But when my eyes met yours, the time seemed to stop. Nothing else mattered but us.

The stars seemed to shine for us; they aligned us with each other. With fingers intertwined, we ran away from the world we used to be in and created our universe out of the words we tell each other and the feelings our lips speak when they touch.

We took the same roads during sunshine and rain, storms and winds, and summers and winters. We filled our voids, warmed each other’s hands, and tamed the flames that others started within us. Through the sunshine and the rain, we remained firm. We couldn’t dance along with it until an unexpected storm came.

We lost our ways, and I’ve walked from street to street with the slightest hope that I will ever find you again. With your picture in my hand, I’ve waited at numerous bus stops as I call all the gods above to make our paths cross again.

But no matter how many prayers I utter, how loud I cry your name out, how many deities I call, and how far I’ve walked, I will never find someone as enchanting as you.

No one in this world has the hands that could hold me during the nights when I’m at my lowest as you did, and no one in this world could replace your “I love you” as my favorite beat.

No one in this world is like you.

No one in this world is you.

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