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A Reality of Impermanence
September 1, 2022
A Nonchalant State of Mind
September 1, 2022

A Note to Remember

Have you ever wondered about walking around in the street carrying your life with pieces of baggage, and it seems no one is there to lift you? Anyhow, we have all experienced this, but upon realizing, indeed, it is truly important for me to have constants and circles in our daily existence. 


Metaphorically speaking, having circles is necessary because, without them, wheels would have to be made in the shapes of triangles or squares — which would be highly difficult for us to navigate our drives. Imagine a life where you’re on an island with abundant resources such as food, fresh air, and space you can enjoy. But the case is, you are blind and living alone there. In the circumstances like this, who would guide your arms and follow as you walk? Who will be the bigger person to introduce you to realities in rock-bottom situations? The clock is ticking, and as much as possible, find someone you can call “home.”


Growing up, we are all naïve about how the world works. Crossing unfamiliar things, continuously grasping knowledge, and learning about my mistakes became possible because of my parents. They have taught me invaluable life lessons that definitely molded me into the person I am today. And so, they are my backbone — who gave me a foundation of strength, healing, and confidence in marching through the uncertainties that the sphere could provide us. 


But upon entering reality, you will have a sense of independence. Not all the time, you will be with your so-called first home; thus, you need to remember that finding your safe spaces and places (friends) is also a priority in undertaking adulthood. In school, envision being abandoned in a classroom with nothing or no one to help you with your academic workload. Can you tolerate remaining an outcast? Definitely, not. For this reason, it may sound cliché, but the famous quote “No man is an island” is still relevant and can generally make sense. 


Now that I am on a platform where I manually manage my composition, I have become fully aware that I need someone who can be with me through thick and thin. Extreme love, happiness, and a sense of belonging from the person or individuals who can revitalize the dried-up flowers inside our hearts are the pieces we are lacking in the puzzle — life. And this all boils down to the fact that having a company is essential because the comfort they give us can bring a positive and significant change to our growth.



    As mentioned by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Many people will walk in and out in your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” A gift of friendship is indeed a blessing showered from above because, in times of storms, you have an assurance that you have a roof to come with. 


In the long run, a good set of friends can foster the best out of you. Having plenty of company is good. But we must remember that at the end of the day, we need to filter out who has substantial help for our development. Hence, you might have all the friends in the world, but if none of them are genuine and fulfilling friendships, then each connection is worthless. Thereby, when you center your mindset on quality over quantity, you will surely realize that substance will prevail in long-term relationships. 


Considering these factors, you need not walk in the street carrying some baggage along with you because you are with your friends who uplift you in the most painful tragedy that life may give. You will not have to feel lonely again because the people surrounding you are your safe space that offers healing and strength whenever you feel like tearing apart. All those uncertainties and pain were replaced by constant people reassuring you that even if the time is running, even if I commit mistakes, even if the world abandons me, even if the flowers are dying, even if the storm is strong, I can still have someone whom I can call home.




LAYOUT BY: Casey R. Aguilos, Christian Aviv A. Cruz, Angela Kate D. Abejo, Triesha Mae D. Galang

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