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September 1, 2022
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September 3, 2022

A Nonchalant State of Mind

In our society today, many individuals fall victim to the grips of tiredness and stress. The taxing employment, the academic workload, the never-ending obligations, and the busy and demanding environment are some of the hassles we commonly encounter. With these different threats, how can we save ourselves and win the battle in life?


In recent years, we uncovered that most people experience stress and even find it difficult to manage and cope with it. It brings physical problems, including aches and pains, high blood pressure, vertigo, and sleep issues, as are psychological conditions like anxiety, hopelessness, and panic attacks. These consequently cause persons who experience it to engage in unhealthy and impulsive coping behaviors and strategies. It might manifest as binge drinking, excessive gambling, drug usage, smoking, or eating disorders.


Despite the overwhelming feelings we may experience, there are stress relievers or activities one may do to deal with stress. These involve evaluating our mental capacity and health, developing our physical body, and relaxing psychologically. Exercise, mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation, as well as a little bit of fun and enjoyment, may all be able to help us deal with our stress. 


Life is multi-faceted, and we cannot just focus and devote ourselves to one aspect, may it be work or our studies. We tend to the other sides, which include our leisure and self-care. Finding the balance in all of this is what makes for a great everyday life regimen that minimizes our stress. 


As for me, I prefer to focus my thoughts and attention on the things I appreciate and find enjoyable. This is to change my stressed-out, pessimistic perspective into one of satisfaction and relaxation. When things get difficult, I take a step back, enjoy myself in the sound of my piano, and start playing since music is my language. As I then engage in something I am passionate about, I feel restored and refreshed. It enables me to feel relieved from all of my concerns and excessive pondering. As a result, I become less anxious and am able to reassess my obligations and unresolved issues.


Even a good thing can be awful if there is too much of it. Given that the need will only continue to rise going forward, individuals should not harm themselves due to “too much.” While it is true that we must tend to our obligations, we must also love ourselves and not be restricted from the little leisure. It is time to dispel the idea that the word “care-free” is a bad connotation. It is not simply recklessness and irresponsibility, but rather a bit of enjoyment and refreshment that we also need.  


We are humans, and we have a right to be free from the things that bother us. Let us hold our grounds and learn to have a nonchalant state of mind.




LAYOUT BY: Casey R. Aguilos, Christian Aviv A. Cruz, Angela Kate D. Abejo, Triesha Mae D. Galang

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