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October 13, 2023
When Will It Be My Turn?
October 13, 2023

You are too privileged!

“Ang choice ay para lang sa may pera,” – Joy Marie Fabreras, 2019 (Hello, Love, Goodbye)

As per current figures, the Philippines have 45% of the Filipinos labeling themselves as poor based on the survey last June 28 to July 1, conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS).

And in this country where poverty swallows up our society while others can be defined as privileged, I am capable enough to position myself on the latter. Being an individual whose eyes are wide open, it is for a fact that I see numerous reasons to appreciate the advantage of accessing the human necessities—food, shelter, and education.

This level of entitlement has surely striked me recently, when life offered me different paths to take in my early 20s.

Given with multiple options to consider and a freedom to choose, how could I not take the chance to accept tranquility?

Well, indeed, this statement expresses a prerogative side of the story, yet I know it does not blur out the other part of reality—the people we see on figures and statistics, representing large numbers, even if they must also be entitled to such opportunities and not merely hoping for the greater good.

Knowing how these social classes experience an unending cycle of survival, rest also becomes the last task on their lengthy to-do list. Time runs too fast for them while having different responsibilities that await them on the sideline.

They do not have a choice like me or most of the above average people in the social status range.

These people’s only option is to persevere with hope, and cling into the thinking that someday, they might also experience these pretty privileges.

Thus, as the ones privileged enough, it is crucial to reconsider your situation. Check your entitlement and continue seeing the world through their lenses.

Step out of your airconditioned room, in a comfortable queen-sized bed, or in the little world inside the social media universe.



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