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March 31, 2024
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April 12, 2024

The Curse of a Broken Promise

Memories inflate — buried where words dwell,

Lies the fragments of promises, now broken spell,

Words that were once sweet are now scattered and torn,

Like petals fallen from love’s forlorn.


Each phrase uttered a fleeting glance,

Leaving behind a lingering trance,

Hopes once lifted; meanwhile fell to the ground,

Leaving hearts broken and bound.


Echoes hear, in solitary times,

Words once said ended like flatlines,

“I promise.” A cursed sentence when shattered, 

“I’m sorry.” A line that I never wanted to hear when I am rattled.


Still stayed where the words were cultivated,

Picking up the pieces of the glass that fell unmotivated,

Learning to accept that promises are meant to broken,

But not the person who left behind unspoken.


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