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The Rising Sunflowers
July 1, 2024
3 studes to serve fresh leadership under revamped Student Constitution
July 7, 2024

Rainbow Celebration

The mind of youth is indeed full of curiosity from within, pondering to explore the unknown perspectives and learn the reality behind the facade of life.


Uncertain thoughts tend to lift the biggest question in my head: “Is there a need to hate a community where they openly build romantic affection for same-sex?”


As for me, no one shall determine what your heart truly pleases. It has to be only you who could speak—not anyone else. And before letting them enter the canvas you are trying to create, have the courage to choose and confidently stand on your ground. 


Like the distance of a pebble thrown into the vast ocean, life also has its limited extent. Metaphorically, it is a fleeting chore that rarely stays in your mind, but when it does, it leaves a lot of questions you could not even answer in a snap.


These questions would fumble your mind at night, pulling each string that keeps your mind stable. Until it goes on almost every day, invading your peaceful mind.


Sometimes, I wonder, what does it feel like to be able to show who you are? 


The hands of the clock continue to move at their course, but the reluctance to open ourselves and let others reach the depth of our souls will always be there. 


The ant crippling inside your system keeps on bugging you with the question: “When will you ever show your genuine self and the feelings and thoughts that you hold in the corner room of your mind?”


Even with the closest people to our hearts, there is a reason behind the storm that I was about to face—the fear of being struck by lightning. The fear of not being accepted and hated for who you are. There were nights that you would cry yourself to sleep and ask the heavens if this is the price that you have to pay for seeking what your heart desires, and even until now, no matter how many tears you shed and pillowcases you would soak with them, the answer remains different. 


Yet, despite the fear and reluctance that sit in our chests as we face tomorrow, we should somehow acknowledge that this is who we are. How does it feel to be naked, and how does it feel to lay your soul in front of the people that you love? Perhaps it must take a bucket of courage and bravery to do so.


You might be hiding in the little paradise you created where peacefulness feels like the palm trees of safety, the grittiness of validation, and the tranquility of ocean waves in time of being heard—and it is okay. 


No one should be pulling you to step out. You could build countless worlds and safe havens in your entire life; you have all the time in this world. It is okay if you are not ready to come out yet. 


If given a chance, I would like to visit your haven soon. I will bring the linen cloth my mother has been hiding in the cabinet for years. With my hands full of colorful balloons and a congratulatory cake, I will sit across the table and celebrate your milestone for choosing to become more of yourself than to be the picture-perfect they have always expected.


Behind the colorful piñata that the human eyes see, there lies beneath the feelings, bravery, and courage that you constantly show. 


You are still valid, and every day, you are worth celebrating.


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