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The School of Business and Accountancy (SBA) organizations and student council laid out their plans to adapt to the pandemic this Academic Year 2020-2021.


The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants Holy Angel University Chapter (JPIA-HAU) has drafted two alternative plans depending on university directives on social gatherings and if on-campus events would be allowed. It plans on utilizing social media sites to communicate and advertise its events, and the Zoom application to host online tutorials and webinars. The organization acknowledged the adverse effects of the pandemic on students’ mental health and plans to help by providing academic assistance and an avenue to showcase their talents.


Its members can expect webinars, career forums, quiz bees, regular tutorials, as well as monthly non-academic events this school year. The more prominent events such as the Accounting Week and the Body Meeting have been pushed back to a later date in hopes of being able to hold these on campus. 


“This federation year might be challenging, but it will never be a hindrance for us to serve our members and make their JPIAn experience memorable and worthwhile,” said the newly elected JPIA-HAU President Axylla Mendoza.


A similar plan taking into consideration the social distancing guidelines and the move towards the New Normal was crafted by the College Student Council for SBA (CSC-SBA). The organization focuses on activities related to the students’ spiritual enrichment, socioeconomic awareness, academic prowess development, and community building. They also focus on student involvement such as webinars, guides and life hacks, an online bazaar, and a project that aims to improve the accessibility of online learning to underprivileged students.


Likely, the Management Society (ManSoc) plans to set up activities suited for an online platform such as webinars, online tutorials and assessments, alumni-engaged activities, and an online information help desk through different social media, Zoom, and Schoology. ManSoc President Jovi Gregorio anticipates challenges concerning member engagement during the pandemic, and thus plans to have online-based activities that are not all academically related for Management students to showcase their talents.


The organization hopes to build a stronger relationship with its members during the pandemic, and will be providing regular updates that can aid students in school- and career-related decision making. It will also create a group page for every year level to better strengthen the connection among its members.


Juris Orbis (JO), the organization that delves into legal studies, aims to pursue a dynamic practice this year by organizing academic, professional, social, cultural, and service activities to build a more diverse educational environment, according to JO CEO Hershey Maine Punongbayan. Its fellows can expect speaker series, professional development sessions, legal workshops, as well as advocacy and community events.


The organization will also be working on promoting awareness and engagement with cultural, social, legal, and political injustices. “These plans will incorporate accommodations and/or modifications in one’s learnings and leading advocacies to stand up for civil rights, equal economic opportunity, reproductive justice, and criminal justice reform,” she said.


Punongbayan also spoke of the education gap caused by the sudden dependence on technology for higher education learning, and stated that JO will take on the challenge to implement more strategies to help students cope with the quick shift in learning as well as reach out to the less privileged.


Regarding a possible academic freeze, she expressed that this year is very special to them, it being their tenth anniversary as an organization; plans of inviting alumni to their upcoming events shall push through given online feasibility and minimal expenditures. The organization will continue providing law-related tutorials and shall participate and initiate fundraisers for front liners and struggling communities.


LAYOUT BY: Cristine Joie Q. Bacud

PHOTO SOURCE(S): hyatt-fennell

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