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ON ITS 58TH YEAR—JPIA-HAU leaves reg’l, nat’l federation

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – Holy Angel University Chapter (JPIA-HAU) withdraws from its regional and national federation and rebrands to Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants and Auditors – United Inc. (JPIAA-U). 

Kyla Andrade, president of the aforementioned organization, confirmed the news in a meeting held last September 27, 2021. 

Andrade cited “difference in policies of parties involved” as the main reason why JPIA-HAU decided to depart from its national organization. 

She explained that in the Membership Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the higher councils, it stated that all members of the local chapters are automatically members of the regional and national council as well and are required to pay a membership fee of P50.00, which is contrary to HAU’s “no collection policy.”

“And if we’re going to look at it, with a population of about 1,800, the total amount that we have to pay is not a joke,” said Andrade. The amount that she pertained to would be about 90,000 pesos in total.

The Executive Officers began discussions about the organization’s membership renewal with the Regional and National Councils following the Regional Executive Board Meeting held last August, with the concern about the “no collection policy” being raised. 

“What happened is a matter of judgment whether it’s worth it to obsess over the name JPIA-HAU. After all, the past federations, the past officers, boards, and members of JPIA-HAU have established something far greater than the name itself. Our capabilities to serve will not be dictated by the name ‘JPIA-HAU’. It is all about our drive to be of service, to ultimately be here for the members, and we will do that under all circumstances, in any way that we have to,” explained Andrade. 

After stepping back from the organization, JPIAA-U had no right to use the name JPIA, thus the rebranding of the organization’s name. This change also forbade the organization from joining JPIA’s national and regional activities. 

As for the idea of returning to the NFJPIA, they said that it will depend on the discretion of the future Executive board but for as long as the pandemic is not over, they are seeing the probability of a continued operation under the name JPIAA-U.

With these organizational amendments, JPIAA-U assured that all of its activities will still proceed as is. They clarified that the only thing that the organization is letting go of is having the name of JPIA-HAU, but their passion to serve and the desire to provide the best programs for the members will continue.

“Reputation and integrity are not measured by the name alone, but [by the] service,” Andrade stated. She indicated that this is not a step back nor anything they have to redeem, but it was a brave move they had to make to put their members first.

“We stand by our decision that making this move would allow us to serve our members better and focus our efforts and resources into meeting their needs,” she added.


LAYOUT BY: Casey R. Aguilos


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