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December 3, 2021
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Angelites queue for special payment slips during enrollment

            Students line up for the procurement of special payment slips at the Finance Office as Holy Angel University (HAU) waives the minimum of Php 1,000 or Php 3,000 for the entrance fee during the enrollment for the second semester of A.Y. 2021-2022.

            First year students now have to pay the full entrance fee amount of Php13,500, Php 13,000 for sophomore students, Php 12,000 for juniors and seniors, and Php11,500 for fifth year students.

            Special payment slips will be granted to Angelites who are unable to pay the full amount, which will enable them to pay a partial payment for the entrance fee after they are assessed and evaluated based on their financial capacity.

            Issuance of partial payment slips for university scholars started on December 1 and will be available until December 7, according to Ms. Glesie T. Pineda, Head of the University Scholarships and Grants Office.

            Meanwhile, the processing of partial payment slips for non-scholars will commence on Monday, December 6 at the Center for Kapampangan Studies (CKS).

            The finance office made it clear that the students have to settle their back accounts for the first semester before applying for the partial payment slip.

            Amidst this new policy, several students are concerned whether they can all be accommodated. A few are also uncertain regarding the standards by which they will be evaluated.

            “Medyo hassle ang pagkuha dahil mahabang time hinintay namin para mapapirma sa finance office, unlike noong face to face dahil na din siguro sa covid protocols na sinusundan,” a university scholar stated.

            She added, “Masa-suggest ko po is sana mapabilis po ang process, other than that I truly understand the policy of the University dahil ginagawa nadin namin ito noong face to face.”

            Most are concerned regarding the availability of block sections, since their enrollment may be deferred because of this process. However, the University Student Council communicated that students may still enroll during the Christmas break and late enrollments will still be accepted until January.

            “HAU admin should be more lenient as we are still facing [an] economic crisis. Promissory notes or minimum downpayment of 1,000 to 3,000 pesos should [be implemented] again like what they did in the previous semesters,” another student quipped. 

            “The process is not convenient as it requires a lot of steps. If promissory notes aren’t still possible, the admin should lower the entrance fee for those who still have back accounts,” he suggested.

            Because of these concerns, the University Student Council, together with different organizations, publications, and college student councils, have submitted a unity statement regarding the restitution of the minimum payment of Php 1,000 or Php 3,000 for the entrance fee.

            Other student leaders are also proposing an online processing of special payment slips for students who live in distant areas and to expedite the evaluation procedure.


LAYOUT BY: Casey R. Aguilos


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