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ManSoc commences fundraising event, Color Fun Run 2024
January 18, 2024
Jerica Balilu flies to Jakarta, represents PH in AFMAM Plus Japan 2023
February 1, 2024

“Midnight Oil Burner”

Moonlight spills on a desk of dreams,

Where idleness surrenders and passion gleams.

The stars above witnessed the student’s toil,

And was busy burning the midnight oil.


The clock ticks as silence prevails,

With each page turned, determination trails.

Whispers of wisdom sneaking in subdued notes,

In the solitude of the night, learning devotes.


The next day, sunlight gently filled the room in bustling coil,

Dolphins awaken, shaking the burnt oil.

Pen and paper ready, an organized array,

Preparation unfolds with the breaking day.


Morning’s embrace, a silent cheer,

As they swim and readies, vanishing fear.

With a coffee breath and a focused gaze,

Dolphins, are you ready to sit in the prelims space?


LAYOUT EDITOR(s): Christian Aviv Cruz

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