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September 29, 2023
SJA 2023 names ENTENG as Best Publication
October 13, 2023

A Few Steps Closer

Seasons change but so do we,

Nothing stays the same and ever will be,

For in this cycle that we call life,

We overcome every single strife.


Students grind; students tire,

In relentless pursuit of their ultimate desire,

A better future; the epitome of aspiration,

Fueling the embers of dreams and recognition.


Almost two-thirds done; few steps to go,

Midterms season is taking the show,

Endure a little and clutch a little,

All that is meant will soon settle.


A bit of effort goes a long way,

Keep on giving your all in day by day,

Pick yourself up; a fresh start is upon us,

A chance to try and do better than what once was.


A loophole it may seem but never truly so,

Tedious and draining for all that we know,

Still, what goes around comes back around โ€” even if a little later,

For in everything that you do; you take a few steps closer.

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