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VEC to uplift university eSports nationwide

The Ministry for Esports and Gaming under the League of Students for Excellence of Holy Angel University – Valiant Esports Club (VEC), the three-star organization under AcadArena, is set to compete in different collegiate eSports tournaments around the country.


In an interview, VEC Vice President Maxine Urquico said, “…we are expected to compete in different game title tournaments which are hosted by AcadArena.”


AcadArena is an alliance organization that purposely aims to unify student gamers.


The club will be competing in a line-up of national events such as “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”, “LOL: Wild Rift”, “Call of Duty: Mobile, League of Legends”, and “Valorant”.


Meanwhile, players of the valiant community undergo extensive training and scrimmages on a weekly basis. Along with that, coaching sessions together with the managers, players, and staff are conducted to help in monitoring the overall performance of the team.


The organization is likewise giving importance to the psychological stability of its players by checking the current state of their mental health before and after every major campus competition. 


“Our appointed team managers make sure that our players are well cared for,” Urquico stated.


The VEC has won a total of seven awards, including the Overall Best Alliance Organization of the Year in an awarding ceremony launched by AcadArena.


According to Urquico, success is all about being patient—from a small eSports team to becoming an organization with thousands of members, homegrown broadcasting talents, and award-winning players.


         In addition to that, organizing bigger eSports competitions and administering an eSports awarding is the plan they want to accomplish this school year.


Even with the hindrances brought by the global health crisis, the club is sticking to its responsibility in delivering the best #ValiantExperience in an online setting.



LAYOUT BY: Quina Zyrhise L. Capane

PHOTO SOURCE(S): Esports Club

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