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New Woman in Office: Revestir Carries the Torch

A servant-leader answers the call to be an instrument of change to every student under his or her term. He or she must be willing to serve without hesitation nor indolence especially during this pandemic. With the formal resignation of former Holy Angel University Student Council (HAUSC) President Paul Ernest Carreon last July, it is up to his former Vice-President of Internal Affairs to take the reins and lead a new school year under her command with the help of the HAUSC. Would they be able to bring about something new this school year, or will they simply be ordinary officers in the long list of HAUSC officials?


President Revestir:


For Clarisse Elizabeth B. Revestir, the responsibilities of the HAUSC President entail sacrifice, dedication, and hard work. Revestir knew that she had to prepare herself in all aspects of being the head of the highest student-governing body of the institution. “At that point, I knew that I needed to put my mind into it and be laser-focused in delivering the mission of the student government,” Revestir stated.


Any government in the world would always have drawbacks and challenges. For the new HAUSC president, communication is one of the biggest challenges for her. One cannot assure the real tone of the message they wish to convey. To overcome misunderstandings and misinterpretations, the HAUSC is working on having more connections with one another through their meetings. With the information she received from former President Carreon, she is now ready to recommend and share greater and better ideas to the administration.




Being a leader is not an easy task but according to Clarisse, she feels that it is truly fulfilling to motivate other people and act upon their needs. Self-awareness, service, and sacrifice are the three values that she gives importance to in leadership. She always believes that in life, nothing that is worth having comes easy. Everything is rooted in hard work, dedication, and passion. When one wants to be good at something, he or she should constantly work hard for it and move on to develop or achieve other skills.


Her ideology in leadership always boils down to having the strength to not only rise, but to also rise with those around her. For her, leadership entails a strong mind and an open heart.


Aside from being a student leader, our new HAUSC President is also an academic achiever. She makes sure to set her priorities so that she can address each and every one of her responsibilities. Delegation of tasks is an important aspect inside the HAUSC to ensure productivity. She makes sure that her members would deliver their roles to the fullest so as to become more efficient in serving the Angelites.


The Angelites:


Students are still adjusting to this new normal while some are still hoping for changes within the institution. With that, the HAUSC has prepared several programs that can alleviate stress and potentially serve students’ needs. Some of these programs include the Committee on Student Services and Committee on Academic Affairs which would lobby concerns of the students to the university administration. By doing so, students who could not be heard before can now be heard loud and clear by those on top.


During her tenure, she wants the student body to remember the HAUSC 2020-2021 as the leaders who rose above these trying times where everything in life changed for the worse. The council wants the students to feel that even when they cannot be seen, they still are accessible through other means and will ensure that no student will get left behind. In the future, they want to see students who are empowered; who raise their voices against injustices and are able to stand for their rights as one body and one mind.


“First and foremost, please allow me to extend the gratitude of the members of the HAUSC for believing in our capacity to serve and reflect the life of Christ through our actions. Thank you for continuously keeping the fire burning — we will always believe in your capacity as students of the HAU Community. Please be assured that we will continuously assert our democratic rights and welfare — we will not falter nor cower in fear rather we will stand on our principles, and this will not be possible without your guidance. Our dearest Angelites, this is our battle, together we propel for student concerns.” – HAUSC President Clarisse Elizabeth B. Revestir


LAYOUT BY: John Romvi Y. Manaloto

PHOTO SOURCE(S): HAU Website, Clarisse Revestir, and HAU-USC

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