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August 25, 2020
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HAU Kicks Off Online Classes for A.Y. 2020-2021 ver. The New Normal

The School of Business and Accountancy (SBA), along with the different college departments of Holy Angel University (HAU), have officially started its first day of online classes as it transitioned into the new normal last August 4.

Asynchronous and synchronous sessions are being offered to students to better monitor their studies. Recorded videos during the synchronous sessions are also posted in the Canvas accounts of each enrollee, or on designated Facebook groups for their course.

The students had mixed emotions as it marked their first step in college life in a setup they did not expect to be in. Various difficulties were experienced such as navigating the online platforms as they are still adjusting to the new norm.

Some are struggling in accessing the different applications where their professors would post announcements, modules, and such. They have also had a hard time due to vague instructions during the first day of class.

Technical strains, laggy devices, slow and disrupted internet connection, getting interrupted due to various outside noises, and back pain are some of their struggles during the first week of class.

I hardly doubt myself if I can endure this situation,” said Ivan Cortez, a third year accountancy student.

Another freshman quoted, “I do not think that I can endure this situation throughout the school year because there is still the possibility that we are not learning. Instead we are just ‘forcing’ [ourselves] to do things because of the requirements that need to be done.”

Despite going through such things, some of them stated that their professors are considerate of their situation and are doing their best to help the students.

Meanwhile, other students found this new setup convenient for them since commuting will not be a hassle anymore. Canvas also provides a button for calendar and to do lists which can help them.

I still believe that freezing this academic year will be the best suggestion that I can give for we, [on] behalf of the students, are not ready for this setup,” Cortez also asserted.

Online classes wouldn’t work for everyone, and that’s [a] reality that we need to address,” another student voiced out..

Zoom is one of the in-demand applications during synchronous sessions but due to the limitation of time allowed to hold meetings, Microsoft Office and Canvas are also being used.

Other than their modules posted in Canvas, students are also required to purchase a hard copy of their books.

Based on the tally of orders, the majority of the SBA community pre-ordered their book. The only problem they are raising is that they are having a hard time deciding on how to claim their books. That’s why ‘Book Delivery’ initiative is very handy at this time,” Axylla Mendoza, president of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) stated.

The Book Delivery Campaign aims to help students under the SBA to acquire their pre-ordered books and lessen their difficulties by not risking their safety to go outside. This is available for the whole SBA community. Google forms were provided for students who wished to pre-order their books.

The said campaign will only be available to the following places: San Fernando (until intersection only), Angeles City, Mabalacat, Dau, Porac, Balibago and Magalang. Other places of Pampanga that were not mentioned will automatically be subjected to shipping.

There will be delivery and service fee to cover up the expenses upon accomplishing the project.

Students can remit their payments depending on what delivery system they will choose. There will be a Cash on Delivery (COD) option that will enable students to pay for their books upon delivery (delivery fee included) and shipping system, which will enable students to remit their payments (service fee included) through payment centers and banks.

Since classes have already started, the demand for the book delivery campaign is still growing.

The officers-in-charge were also having a hard time due to the overwhelming number of book orders. There are also certain limitations on the execution of the project.

On behalf of everyone who is working hard to extend their service to the students, I would like to thank you all for your utmost patience and understanding. We will conquer the waves of this Academic Year 2020-2021. #OneSBA!,” JPIA President expressed.


LAYOUT BY: Laiza Simeoune B. Sanchez


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