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February 14, 2024
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February 15, 2024

Her Achilles Heel

She was a great student back then. 

That’s the catch. Was. She used to be. All in the past tense.

Growing up, she had always thought that it would remain that way. Her intelligence, her comprehension, and her ability to grasp things quickly. As a young kid with big dreams, she has set her mind to the fact that no matter what is given to her, she can do it. No matter how hard and complex it might be.

She loved new challenges. She finds a thrill in trying new things and getting herself into situations that are unfamiliar to her. For her, new challenges mean new beginnings.

Although she can do anything, she has a love-hate relationship with numbers, numbers with letters, and all the other stuff that relates to the science and art of mathematics. It was her Achilles heel.

But as challenges were thrilling her, she tried to step out of her comfort zone. Instead of pursuing something she was good at, she tested her potential by making her weakness one of her strengths.  

She pursued and dove into the world of numbers. 

With fears and doubts in her heart, she stepped inside the four corners of the blue-accented room with a variety of people—but probably with the same goals and dreams as hers. 

There were a lot of nights when she questioned her decisions. The good and achiever student back then turned out to be someone mediocre. Her academic performance is surely not the one that she wished for and anticipated for herself a few years ago. 

A lot of what-ifs invade her mind most of the time, but at the end of the day, there is a little voice inside her head that tells her that she can—an invisible, warm embrace of hope that pats her on the back.

She might not be as good now as she was before, but she is stronger than she could ever be.

With the help of calculators, correction tapes, and different colored pens, she knows that someday she will be a great part of the business world and will make a name for herself.




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