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August 21, 2021
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September 1, 2021

HAU we truly ready?

HAU should open its eyes and ears to the actual issues and stand with its mantra – “No student left behind.”


As the pandemic continues its doom and a new variant attacking with a much dangerous impact, Holy Angel University (HAU) opened its second year of online classes and distance learning last July 19, amidst complaints of its studentry regarding the opening of classes itself.


The Angelites have spoken—they are not ready yet for the early opening of classes for this academic year. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on them. According to them, the past academic year posed as the most strenuous distance learning they have experienced amidst the difficulties brought out by the pandemic. 


In a post by the Holy Angel University – University Student Council dated July 10, a survey has revealed the top five reasons why Angelites were still unenrolled. It stated that most students are still physically, emotionally, and mentally unprepared, have financial problems, and other valid reasons that the University must listen to. But even with this data, the University still decided to start classes on July 19 due to constraints given to them by the higher-ups of the education system.


These revealed that the University remained firm in its decisions to comply with what was necessary at the expense of its students.


When the first day of classes came, a lot of inefficiencies became apparent. As shown in a report by the HAU-USC regarding the Angelites’ first-day assessment dated July 21, some students still could not access their HAU student portal, and course shells for subjects were still not uploaded and were only uploaded almost one week later from the original opening of classes. 


These factors created doubt if HAU was even ready to open another year of online classes. The dilemmas brought by the past academic year and the current COVID-19 situation are still hard to face for the students. It seems that the HAU administration is making it harder to carry all of this by adding burdens to the students’ shoulders.


Quality education is not measured by how long the academic year is and how early the opening of classes is. HAU should open its eyes and ears to the actual issues and stand with its mantra—“No student left behind.”


LAYOUT BY: Sigrid Deryll Q. Dy

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