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January 13, 2021
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January 16, 2021


The student council and different organization heads of the School of Business and Accountancy (SBA) department present the planned activities for their fellow dolphins now that the second semester is about to start. 

College Student Council-SBA (CSC-SBA) Chairman, Joshua Liscano, said that the council will continue to implement the Dolphins, anong say mo? and The Dolphins’ Guide, alongside with their new activities such as Earth Warriors, Online Suggestion Box, and Mock Qualifying Exams that dolphins can look forward to. 

The student council is also now in the process of distributing the activities to specific dates as they are also taking into consideration the SBA’s calendar and other activities that will be held outside of the council.

“We are also taking into consideration the timeframe of our activities by adjusting to the students’ daily schedule and allowing playbacks for students who may not have the commitment to participate in the said activity,” Liscano expressed. 

Meanwhile, as represented by Jovi Gregorio, the Management Society (MANSOC) will also keep on with their tutorials and webinars to help students with their academic concerns and lessons. The organization is also preparing for a talk discussing specific majors to help management students visualize what path they might take in the future and the opportunities waiting for them.

According to Gregorio, “These [activities] will all lend the [students] participating information to make clarifications and additional learnings with their courses and some non-academic topics.”

She also assured that MANSOC’s plans are dated before the examination and some of the available Saturdays of the students to avoid conflict against their respective class schedules. 

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants Holy Angel University Chapter(JPIA-HAU), headed by Axylla Zyrah Mendoza, also expressed that its members could again expect various academic and non-academic activities this semester as they assure that the biggest annual events are set to commence. 

One of the projects of JPIA-HAU that can be expected to roll is the Accounting week, which will be composed of quiz bees, seminars, case studies, and technical sessions as early as January. This will be followed by the Annual Body Meeting in February, Uniwide E-Sports Festival in March, and Inter-school Academic Summit in May. Monthly tutorials are also being planned as communicated by Mendoza, as she noted that dates are still tentative. 

“We are working on ways to help our members with the help of partner firms and review centers,” she added as to help its members prepare for the upcoming qualifying exam. 

Juris Orbis’ (JO) Chief Executive Officer, Hershey Maine Punongbayan, stated that the organization has prepared activities that are centered in promoting awareness in the current social injustice issues. “We will launch our first JO days this coming March filled with both academic and non-academic activities. Our organization also plans to do its traditional ‘Diary of a Lawyer’ event to engage legally interested students and promote professional development,” she said.

Their activities include New Year’s Resolution which will be executed this month, Diary of a Lawyer in February, Juris Orbis Days in March, and Sexual Assault Month in April. 

Punongbayan added that they will be maximizing the use of the internet and other digital platforms and will coordinate with other organizations in order to reach out and increase the engagement of their members.

All of the organization heads agree that they have learned from the previous semester with regard to this online learning set up and assure that they will exert effort and initiative to maximize the online resources for the convenience of their participants such as using Zoom meetings and Facebook lives. 

After a semester of dealing with the new normal, the SBA organizations commit to fulfill their duties with the community through their efforts to ensure that no student will be left behind amidst the continuous challenges of the pandemic as students venture a new semester. 


LAYOUT BY: Cristine Joie Q. Bacud

PHOTO SOURCE(S): canva contributors, HAU

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