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Mobile Legends vs. The World
January 13, 2021
January 13, 2021

Streaming as a Career: The Road to Instant Millions

Do you want to have a job that does not need a perfect resume nor a good recommendation letter? Perhaps one that is foreign to deadlines, age limits, and working hours? How about a job that can pay you up to seven digits per month? All of these are possible in the world of streaming!

      As our technology advances, so do our jobs. We no longer need to heed our parents’ old advice of becoming a nurse or a teacher to have a stable job. We are given a variety of opportunities, may it be on the corporate or the artistic side. With streaming, an upbeat personality and imaginative mind can play a big part. 

       Streaming is a job where a person referred to as the ‘streamer’ presents content via an online streaming platform, be it in real-time or not. Forget about a tyrannical boss because how, when, and what you’ll present is all up to you.  Whatever you show is broadcasted to your online viewers. Aside from camera and internet access, creativity and a brave soul are a must to become a streamer. 

       Streaming has it all from flexibility, high salary, and stability. Do you have what it takes to become the next millionaire streamer?


Survival of the wittiest 

       In this industry, the real competition lies not on how expensive your video editing software or filming devices are. Being a public figure also does not provide you with an advantage over the others. Everything is up to your eloquence and wit. As a streamer, your content must be appealing to the mass public. YouTube vlogger/model “Mimiyuuuh” is a suitable example of this criteria.

       Mimiyuuuh started off humbly and gained immense popularity after participating in a viral challenge of the song “Dalagang Pilipina” by “ALLMO$T”. Netizens were entertained by the variety of expressions he portrayed in the video, which encouraged even local celebrities to create their own versions. Since then, he has presented himself in various ways like collaborating with other vloggers, being a variety show host, and modeling. He is proof that streamers do not simply ride the trend—they create it. 


Patience is a virtue

       Will streaming help me become rich? The answer is a big YES. However, being a paid streamer does not happen overnight. Even the richest streamer in the world “PewDiePie” took two long years before he reached 1 million subscribers and his current net worth of $20 Million, as of 2020. Unlike Mimiyuuuh, PewDiePie is both a vlogger and a game streamer. He reigns over the major online streaming sites, YouTube and Twitch, with 107 million and 819,157 subscribers, respectively.

       At present, entering the streaming industry will definitely pose a challenge since thousands of individuals have already infiltrated every streaming site that exists. Therefore, you have to focus on setting yourself apart from others. The uniqueness of your content will give you an edge. You can showcase your talent, hobby, knowledge, or skills that other people might find useful or entertaining. Becoming a streamer takes a lot of time and effort. You might have little to no viewers on your first stream, but if you genuinely think that this is the right path for you, do it and be the best that you can be!


No pain, no gain 

       In every success, there is sacrifice. As much as streaming may give you an impressive reputation and luxury, your privacy might be at risk. Once you have the people’s attention on you, they would do anything to get to know you better. You might even get surprised at just how superb their skill is in stalking. From your childhood to the present, everything there is to read about you will be revealed. It is also likely that you’ll be recognized even in public areas.

       Basically, streamers are treated like celebrities to the majority. To become a professional streamer, you must be adaptive and strong-willed. Things may be rough from the start, but you have to stick to the reason why you chose this in the first place. You have to be extremely clear on your goal in order to keep your head in the game. 


       With the ongoing pandemic, we have nothing but uncertainties. Some lost their jobs, while others doubt whether they will have one, considering that our economy took the heaviest blow. We cling onto even the smallest sliver of hope that everything will get better one day. Amidst the helpless situation we are in, there is one thing that can never be taken from us—our dreams. Work hard to become the best streamer or whatever you want to be. The sky’s the limit, so dream high!


LAYOUT BY: Cristine Joie Q. Bacud

PHOTO SOURCE(S): Associations Now, wtva

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