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Angelite Discount Program: Prosperity through Cultivating Community

The marriage of initiative and alliance manifests the spirit of benevolence — accomplishing a good deed and assisting individuals, contrasted with merely gaining money. The warmth of a dynamic soul overshadows the complexities, fostering an initiative that continuously nurtures the character of kindness, empathy, and compassion.

As we delve into an integrated community where camaraderie is present, the Holy Angel University Student Ambassadors (HAUSA) are ready to exemplify and unveil their latest initiative platform, the Angelite Discount Program.


Resurgence: Flaming up above the ashes 

After years of getting locked, the pandemic forced the removal of the curtains — revealing how vulnerable and susceptible businesses are in the market landscape. The unprecedented circumstance has brought multifaceted drawbacks, which disrupted firms to slow down their operation. It triggered the paradigm shift in unlocking new strategies to rise above the afflictions.

The entrance of setbacks has surprisingly made a paramount effect, elevating our capacities to outgrow. HAUSA’s initiative plays a pivotal role in arousing enterprises from the break-off they experienced. They want to fascinate a venture fabricating a setting where both students and entrepreneurs meet through the celebration of a coalition.


Relighting Business: A room for rapport 

Several uncertainties plague the business environment, capturing a clear image that every day is not a win. Sometimes, owners may strive for adversities, prosperity, and everything in between through the overall operation. However, the risk of failure often resonates with the challenges, making crafting favorable outcomes and accomplishments difficult.

The HAUSA is generating a foundation of connections with the Kapampangan business owners and Angelite community through the Angelite Discount Program. The combined affiliation incorporates relationships—a mutual benefit.

Through the institution’s mighty wit and force, they strive to build a rapport not just in having a financial transaction with businesses but also to help them captivate the atmosphere of vibrant solidarity.

By having partnerships with local enterprises such as cafes, restaurants, and studios for them to advance, Angelites also have an open door full of opportunities to grab discounts with their favorite enterprises.


Harmonized Partnership: Specific Discounts and Procedure 

From August 14 to September 14, 2023, Angelites can get their 10% discount with no minimum spend on all beverages at Hygge Lifestyle and Cafe.

Until October 14, there is a 10% discount at no specific cost at Tyche Nails (HAU branch), Amand Coffee Bar, and Essence Brew’s (Carmelite Branch) beverages, entrees, and appetizers. Additionally, a 10% off with a minimum receipt of PHP 399.00 at Hmtwn by Illicit and a PHP 100.00 off day pass at Vessel CoWorking Space.

Further, you can get a free gyoza or spam nigiri for every five purchases of nigiri at Nigiri Station and free digital photos with three minimum-paying individuals at Memento Self Shoot Studio, which are also both until October 14.

Meanwhile, the 10% discount on The Smokery’s products and Fico Cafe’s beverages with no minimum spend are available until December 14, 2023.

All the promos are available to bona fide HAU students from High School to College through the presentation of the student ID at the counter. Concurrently, these discounts are applicable only for dine-in and in-store purchases and are non-stackable.


In an unpredictable world of changes, the Angelite Discount Program is an inspiring instance of the value of group effort in a society where individual pursuits predominate. This program shines as a shining illustration of unity, empowerment, and advancement with a promise to improve the local business community, benefit the daily grind of Angelites, and help the recovery of the post-pandemic economy.

LAYOUT ARTIST: Angela Kate Abejo
PHOTO SOURCE(S): Hmtwn FB Page, FiCo FB Page, Tyche Nails FB Page, The Smokery FB P..el Coworking Space FB Page, Memento FB Page, Hygge FB Page, Amand FB Page, Nigiri Station FB Page, & Essence Brew FB Page

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