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A Dolphin’s Tale

As I plunged into the vast expanse of the deep ocean, the waters welcomed me with an unknown embrace. With each wave, I felt the surge of determination nourished by the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Like a curious dolphin, I swam deeper, chasing the hidden treasures beneath the surface, encountering triumph and challenges simultaneously. I found myself in the bustling halls of campus, where I continued pushing my boundaries, transcending my conformity and peace zone.

Beneath the waters, my capacity went to a battlefield of minds and passion in our classroom. Every seat is occupied by a coral of classmates, singing their hearts out with their academic notes. I see a dream floating behind their shoulders, waiting to fulfill their passions.

The symphony of sleepless nights, caffeine-fueled endeavors, and myriad rooms became my companions in this odyssey. Despite the sounds of pounding pressure, my fins keep swimming, facing off every rock that comes my way.

But things ended up more swiftly than expected. As the community indulged in a massive obstacle, the opening rounds were a whirlwind of rapid exchanges, challenging questions, and the subtle dance of strategy and passion.

But sometimes, despite my best efforts, I need to catch up. But the story does not end there. Exploring my emotions teaches me the art of embracing setbacks and the magic that unfolds when one decides not to be defined by a moment of inconvenience.

This semestral journey will continue on the podiums or stages. The walkways of the map that learners created left an indelible footmark on each acquaintance.

Reaching the shoreline every single day was not the conclusionโ€”it is a prologue to the continuing narrative for growth, a story where each challenge was a chapter. Identical to a dolphin navigating the ocean’s depths, I forged ahead, embracing drawbacks as opportunities for growth and charting my course through the ripples of life.


LAYOUT ARTIST: Boris Sebastian Lontabo
PHOTO SOURCE(S): Boris Sebastian Lontabo

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