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August 23, 2020
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Unruly Habits to Quit during the Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is one of  this year’s main highlights that made everyone’s lives miserable. This virus is the reason for the cancelation of trips, vacations, and even plans that were set to commence. Unfortunately, this pandemic ruined a lot of work and business ventures, and took away many lives of innocent people — it made everything miserable. People are stuck at home because of quarantine and the best that they can do is to comply with the safety precautions that the government provided to control the spread of the virus.


This quarantine, people are in difficult situations that they need to surpass and conquer. Some have “bad” habits that drive them insane while at home during this pandemic. That is why there are some habits that people need to give up to have a positive outlook on life during these trying times. These are some of the practices that people need to stop before everything goes wrong.


People should avoid gossiping, whether it is about a celebrity or their colleagues. They should refrain from all of these negative vibes that are streaming around them and focus on something more important than these. Gossiping could have a significant effect on people including their behavior. If this stays in their systems, it could ruin relationships among family and friends. Instead of being attentive to gossip, find some hobbies at home that would divert your attention from that toxic behavior.


Refrain from using social media accounts too much. These past few days, social media has been the source of unpleasant news that can trigger one’s anxiety or behavior. Instead of scrolling through Facebook, reading tweets on Twitter, or even viewing Instagram stories that could bring negative thoughts to you, try doing productive things at home or reading books. Also, discover that new hobby that awaits you; redirect your attention from mobile phones.


Quit comparing your lifestyle to other people’s. People are different from each other that is why they have contrasting ways of living. Learn how to be content and everything will go smoothly and flawlessly. There are times that people cannot avoid comparing themselves to others, but as much as possible, stop that nonsense and focus on what is more important than comparing fate. After all, the best way to kill something beautiful is to compare it to something else.


Stop downgrading yourself and start embracing your flaws. People nowadays tend to look forward to having a beautiful body, clear skin, or even possessing alluring hair. When they see someone prettier or more handsome than them, they tend to degrade themselves. Remember that people are all unique in their ways — they may have flaws but they are all wonderful.


Leave the bed for a while and start working. People may be too lazy to start their work on time because they are in the comforts of their homes, but remember to start now before it’s too late. Better to finish the work early than end up not being productive. Have a motivation to finish what has to be done and continue being productive as much as possible.


Avoid cramming and start today! Another sluggish day indeed, but be mindful to start moving forward because tomorrow is a new day. Do the things that you can accomplish today and stop saying, “Oh, I’ll just do this tomorrow.” That is where cramming starts until you reach the deadline. Start ahead of time.


Overthinking kills! Stop overthinking about what they are saying, but instead focus on the good things that are bound to happen. A person does not need the approval of others to do what he or she likes; that person must do whatever he or she wants. Instead, think of positive thoughts where people can gain motivation. In that case, a person may avoid anxiety and could live a life that is full of positive energy.


Lastly, people should forgive themselves for their past mistakes. Yes, this may sound difficult but everything will be alright if a person would let go of all of his or her grudges and start moving forward and doing better things. With this, that person could move on from the past and remove all the pain he or she has in his or her heart.


The time will come when this pandemic will end and everything will all go back to normal. Fears and anxieties will turn into smiles and laughter once again. People will regain their strength and live their lives to the fullest. For now, start working on things that you can control — let go of toxic habits that can ruin your mental, physical, and emotional health. This may be a slow process of healing, but one day, everything will be alright. 


LAYOUT BY: Cristine Joie Q. Bacud

PHOTO SOURCE(S): TOPHEE MARQUEZ, Tracy Le Blanc, Adisa Tufo, My Learning Springboard, and psych central blogs

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