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October 13, 2021
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October 13, 2021

Things You Need to Hear

Do not waste your energy on those people who cause noise pollution


At this point, our world allows us to take a peek at other people’s lives through social media. Instagram is one platform where you can endlessly scroll and see other people living their life perfectly to the point that you end up feeling miserable about yourself. Of course, I have felt this as well, feeling miserable for myself for not having what others have. But then, I realized that looking at others blinded me to see what I have. It alienated me from appreciating the life that I live. With this, I have started not to force myself to feel miserable. 


Envy is devastating because it causes people to believe that what they have is insignificant, even when it is not.


There are two types of pain that people experience. One is physical pain and the other is the pain caused by hurtful words. Medications can heal wounds, but there are no medications to the damage caused by painful words because they would always remain in one’s head and heart. 


People would always say something about you in today’s society. Whether you do good or bad, expect that people would comment about you. Of course, we as humans are numb to what other people say, especially when it comes to negative comments. Despite this, we cannot help but feel affected—we lose confidence in ourselves.  But there are different ways of dealing with this instead of losing our self-esteem. If people criticize us, we should look into the truth first before expressing our emotions. If ever that criticism is true, be open, accept, and change your flaws. If they continue to say things about you, just do not mind them. You do not live for them. 


Do not waste your energy on those people who cause noise pollution—but remember that the same noise can also be found from within.


Before, I would always overthink things. When I was in first year, I was so afraid of the qualifying exams. Whenever the thought comes to my mind, I would feel restless and just spend my time thinking about it. I just let myself worry about the things that have not even happened yet. As I matured, I realized that worrying about the future exhausts myself. Worrying about what I cannot handle right now would not even solve the rubbish I created in my mind. With this, it has become my mantra to worry less and focus more on what I can control, which could positively affect the future that I am worried about.


I hope that you will also let your mind feel at ease. As Soo-Hyun Kim said, “Let’s not ruin the present by being caught in a fabricated future.”



LAYOUT BY: Sigrid Deryll Q. Dy

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