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State of Infections: The Unexpected Loop
February 5, 2022
February 15, 2022

Surface Pressure: Can we make it through?

 After the qualifying exams, BS Accountancy students face yet another assessment—the comprehensive exam, tentatively set to commence this April. Unlike the qualifying exams meant to filter out ‘qualified’ students under the program, passing the comprehensive exam is a requirement for Accountancy students to graduate. Thoughts? Pressure. Intimidating. Frightening. Imagine foreseeing yourself graduating this June, enduring numerous examinations this past seven semesters, only to be held back by one failure. This exam is just one of the many pieces that make up takers’ concerns and anxieties. 


          I assume that almost all takers are now planning on their review schedule and topics to tackle. However, one fear everyone has is the abrupt changes in the Table of Specifications (TOS) after dissemination. Such an event already happened during the qualifying exams wherein topics were omitted and added after its initial announcement, thus leaving those who reviewed those omitted topics to stress even more since they would have to review the newly added ones. This fear that such an event might happen again would undoubtedly cause unneeded—even avoidable—stress. However, such a fear can be overshadowed by the immense time given to us by this year’s first semester, right?


         Truly enough, takers had much time last semester to cover more in their review—with only their internship, research, and one subject in their minds. Takers have all the time to review as much as they want. Time is abundant, or so one would think one-sidedly. Internship workloads are not the same for everyone. Some may have more, the others less. Blessed are you if you could fit three hours of review in a day. The Research subject was also a pain in the neck since revisions can be more gruesome when added to internship workloads.


          This current semester, BS Accountancy students are greeted with numerous subjects again. After asking some of my friends and classmates, quite differing responses surfaced. Despite the doubled workload, some remain optimistic—or at least they try to be. They look at the brighter side, seeing good review opportunities in taking the current subjects, as these revisit past topics during our lower years. More so, topics that were not discussed before but should have been are being tackled this semester. Hence, it seems that taking the current subjects also adds to their review progress. It is perceived as beneficial and is appreciated. 


          Still, on the other end, many find it difficult to tend to both reviews for the comprehensive exam and the demands of the current subjects. Some experienced less review time. Some struggle with time management. Some face issues with which subjects to prioritize. Some feel overwhelmed, unconfident that they do not absorb what they study anymore.


          I know friends who have enrolled in different review centers after the qualifying exams. But given the online setup, it proves challenging to maximize the benefits of enrolling in one. Upon asking why they still enrolled, they would all say, “We don’t feel prepared enough.”


          All these anxieties and obstacles summed together adversely affect our confidence to succeed. The lesser we have, the more we fear. Often we hear to not fear failing, but when there are responsibilities, expectations, opportunities, and dreams at stake, these quotes of reassurance come off deaf ears. We can only hope our efforts will be enough to pass.



LAYOUT BY: Sigrid Deryll Q. Dy

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