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September 21, 2020
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September 21, 2020

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Due to the pandemic, we have been stuck in our houses — investing our quarantine days doing online business, working out, surfing the internet, playing mobile games, and trying different ways to be productive. However, a few weeks from now, things will not likely be the same.


As the school year starts this month of August and education will be administered digitally, online platforms will be used as the primary method of learning. With the new system, other students may find it difficult, but some will probably see it as more convenient along the way.


Adapting to the currently developing online learning is not that simple. We are familiar with the face-to-face kind of teaching, but now we have to be acquainted with the virtual scheme of acquiring knowledge. 


Looking upon the situation, the digital classroom setup is more comfortable and relevant at this time. It offers a flexible way of accessing information — provided that you have the accessories to perform it. Besides, the threat of the Coronavirus disease is still prominent and the most favorable way to continuously learn is through modern technology.          


However, even with the sufficiency this will serve, there are still underlying glitches. The triumph heading up to online education is securing that the students are obtaining knowledge and focusing academically, given the circumstances among our households.              


Distractions among our homes are very present, unlike in the classroom. Issues with our gadgets may occur anytime, especially now that the internet is crowded by students. It is easy to browse Facebook, scroll through Instagram, stream on Netflix, or do something not related to academic matters.              


The transition from the traditional class experience to a virtual classroom will be a challenge among students. We may be sidetracked by notifications from our phones, sounds around our environment, things bothering our minds, and other factors that may interfere with our time studying. So, identifying and preventing those things would be helpful in keeping our focus and managing the situation.          


A daily routine will be effective in keeping things organized and on track. We should also know how to manage time properly that will satisfy our study habits and lifestyle. We should not let our hobbies distract us, so we need to plan ahead of time.


Despite the new learning hindrances that we have to face, we need to keep our mindset focused on our goals, which are to gain knowledge and to be successful on the path we are taking, without sacrificing our health. But it would also depend on how we cope with the situation. Accepting and understanding the advantage of learning digitally is likewise a great motivation, along with the guidance of the school and our professors. Only then can online education be possible.


LAYOUT BY: Chester P. Cortez

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