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July 3, 2020
Panalo Na Tayo
July 3, 2020

SBA to pursue traditional books — virtual books an option

In an interview last June 5, Dr. Ma. Lina T. Ramoneda, Dean of School of Business and Accountancy (SBA), along with Ms. Sandra Brucal, Accountancy Program Chairperson, confirmed that conventional or physical textbooks will still be utilized since most of the Accounting books are limited digitally and often made by foreign authors. Moreover, electronic books (e-books) typically expire compared to printed textbooks that can be with students for a lifetime.


For management students, certain subjects necessarily need tangible textbooks for primary sources of learning but others might require virtual books, which management students have already encountered, said Dr. Ma. Cristina Naguit, the Management Program Chairperson.


As of now, arrangements with the different publishers are still ongoing and the department will have an update by July on how to purchase and avail books. In line with this, SBA Chairs will also cooperate with the ISSI Bookstore in distributing and delivering the materials to the homes of every student. Thus, lessons and modules are already prepared for the months of June and July.


SBA will maximize the use of Canvas in providing learning, especially in uploading files and materials that can help in transferring knowledge and information. Similarly, open-access resources will also be an option in accessing learning instructions and giving out directions. If there are subjects which will not be addressed in those ways, then e-books will be the next course of action.


“We will not leave out those who are not capable…” Dr. Ramoneda stated for the benefit of students who find it difficult to use digital references. “Alternatives like giving out flash drives, making information available offline, and sending out photocopies will be done,” Ms. Brucal added.


Moreover, libraries that are accessible remotely and various sources of materials and information will be presented to students, which will enable them to access education in the comfort of their homes.


LAYOUT BY: Laiza Simeoune B. Sanchez

PHOTO SOURCE(S):, Franchette Dizon, aatia

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