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Whose fault is it?
July 3, 2020
REARRANGING PRIORITIES: Is Lockdown Really Necessary?
July 8, 2020

Quaranfling is a Quaranthing!

The quarantine period posed various complications in dealing with daily activities, especially in maintaining and forming relationships. As the lockdown progressed, social media has again come to save us from the impending danger of losing connection with those whom we cannot be physically with. It has opened up more options and opportunities to do more than just be entertained on the screen. Nowadays, people may even bond through the screen. 


With the current flexibility in our schedules and everyone’s phones glued to their hands and faces, scouting for potential partners has never been easier. When online shopping, you click on things that pique your interest and similarly, you may browse for people who you find interesting. Eventually, you will find someone who will make you click “Add to Heart” and either feel hopeful that they click back or window-shop for more choices. We try to put effort in planning to meet up after this uncertain quarantine and actually invest time and emotions. The endless possibilities of online relationships make “kilig” even stronger!


According to a 2018 study published by the American Psychological Association entitled “What Do Short-Term and Long-Term Relationships Look Like?”, people usually cannot distinguish between a short-term and a long-term relationship just from the initial phase. I am a living proof of this statement because I have confused flings for serious long-lasting commitments just based on what I have managed to invest during the first time around. Even though the search has become easier, the maintenance definitely has gotten harder.


Applications such as “Bumble” and “Telegram” definitely became popular as the want for “past-time” relationships soared. Engaging in romantic relationships via the internet really makes you appreciate the old times where people had to put in effort just to talk with their significant other. Nowadays, as easy as it is for them to find partners, it is also easy for them to let go. Whenever I open my Facebook app, the first thing that pops up is how another couple broke up or memes about how the quarantine is longer than your relationship.


The lockdown is almost five months old already since it has first been issued. Some say that love is stronger in a couple who starts and ends their year together. I say that love is stronger in a couple who started and ended their lockdown together. How about you? Do you have a “quaranfling” during this quarantine? Is your relationship clearly established  or have you just decided to settle on something mediocre such as “hangga’t masaya tayo sa isa’t-isa”? This quarantine period has definitely made us do things that we normally would not and I am hoping that one of them is not settling for less than what we deserve.


LAYOUT BY: Chester P. Cortez

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