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Pros and Cons of Doing Everything Online

The Internet has changed the way the world works so much that it has become a part of our daily routine. As the availability of the internet increases, wireless access users exploded in numbers worldwide. From communication to entertainment, as well as different online transactions, the web is being maximized to its fullest potential. 

In this time of pandemic and quarantine where most people are taking full advantage of modern technology not just for leisure time but also for productivity, here are the advantages and disadvantages of doing everything online that both have an impact and significant effect on the development of our world.

Using the World Wide Web allows people to access things and information conveniently in the fastest possible way. It gives us digital resources and materials with immense data and knowledge. Furthermore, things get easier if transactions are done online — just one click and everything will be okay. For instance, when making a bank transaction, it will be quicker to do it online than to go to its physical location. Aside from it being less of a hassle, you can also save more of your precious time doing more important things. 

Making use of online platforms also gives comfort especially to people who need it and don’t have a social life who prefer to be alone. They tend to utilize the internet as their medium where they can freely express their own feelings and thoughts by having social media networks and virtual friends. Aside from that, the web is where they mostly spend most of their leisure time on entertainment and the like. 

With the full usage of the internet, people will save much of their time and be able to increase flexibility and productivity, especially for entrepreneurs and businessmen online. This allows them to manage their time effectively, as well as create and offer greater opportunities for them to do more. Aside from that, it also sustains a balanced relationship between work and life with the longer time you have.

Technological advancement has major contributions to globalization. With the different online platforms and social media applications, the internet integrates anyone worldwide. Moreover, through the platform, everything can be accomplished whether it be online businesses, entertainment, online shopping, etc. People are also being more updated on happenings and news. In addition, the Internet also serves useful communication that connects people around the world.

One of the disadvantages of doing everything online is too much exposure to it. People are getting addicted to technology and often forget the difference between the virtual world and the real world. It also affects the behavior of a person and their interaction with the people around them. Instead of doing something productive, some people are more likely to browse inappropriate sites, play games, etc. Additionally, excessive usage of the web could result in relationships and work to suffer.

Moreover, internet users are prone to hacking or illegal access to one’s personal identity and information such as name and address. Thus, this data can be used against users by blackmailing and threatening the person. On top of that, hackers can steal money, ruin credit cards, and give your information to other people for illegal purposes. Online users need to be extra careful when using the web and need to think carefully before clicking.

Furthermore, our psychological and physical health is also affected by the full use of the Internet. Another disadvantage of exposing yourself too much online is that digital devices can cause headaches and eye strain that can lead to migraines or even more serious problems. It can also lead to depression that comes from cyberbullying and different social issues from online platforms that affect the feelings of a person.

Right along with the changes that have been happening with the advancement of technology that gives instant information, it is a great step forward for us people. On the other hand, people tend to rely on the internet alone. For example, in the case of students, some won’t fact check what they research online which could lead to false data and misinformation. Although the Internet can make life quicker, never neglect to confirm what you’ve researched. 

Technology has indeed transformed how the world operates and it is impossible to imagine a better society without technology existing. By using the Internet, we can easily connect with our family who are in different places, friends, and even work. However, despite the easy lifestyle it gives, we can’t cover the fact that a prolonged dependence on it can have an extensive negative impact on a person’s body, mental health, and lifestyle. Always remember that even the most beautiful things in life have a negative impact once abused.


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