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July 21, 2020
July 27, 2020

Lockdown Series: Cautious Measures this Quarantine

Fortuitous events, unpleasant news on mainstream media, anxiety breakdowns, and depression — these are just a few things that would most likely describe what our past two months have been. It seems that we cannot possibly surpass this pandemic that is slowly killing not only the economy but us as well. 


People have not been productive like they used to be. This crisis has killed hundreds of thousands all over the world and has shut down numerous businesses and establishments. Truly, it is an unpredictable event that has shocked every nation and community. What makes it even worse is that it is an unseen opponent. We are trying to defeat a nemesis that is imperceptible.


As we continue to fight this pandemic, we seek ways to protect ourselves from this threat which is why these welfare tips can give us ways on how to make ourselves comfortable and safe.


First, never forget the basics. Hand-washing and the habit of not touching the face are simple yet powerful habits to observe today. When going outdoors, wear a face mask to protect yourself and others. Eat healthy foods that would boost the immune system. Stay hydrated because water plays a vital role in the body. Never forget to take vitamins and stay fit by exercising. With these, we can make our quarantine days productive and healthy. Although these are common sense to a lot of us, they are small habits that are the best in combating the virus. 


Second, find time to rest. The University of Utah states that we should find balance in our minds by setting a self-timer. The human body requires rest for 10-15 minutes after any job, even if it is at home. It is detrimental to one’s health to work if both mind and body are tired. By having a break, a person can condition his/her body’s capacity to be more efficient at doing jobs. 


Third, never forget your mental health. This pandemic is causing a lot of trouble that people tend to overthink and overreact at times. This lockdown is not good for people who are suffering from depression and anxieties. It is unhealthy for their mental being, considering the fact that they are isolated inside their houses for months on end. One effective way to keep your mental health in check is by keeping in touch with your family members and friends. By doing so, perhaps you could ease the pain you are experiencing. 


Next, find a hobby. You can distract yourself from all the unpleasant news you are reading or watching by doing something more recreational like playing an instrument, playing indoor sports, or even studying. Make yourself productive and always keep in mind that no crisis or pandemic can stop you from what you love doing.


Last but definitely not least, let us not forget our Divine and Merciful God. Have the courage to talk to Him and seek His help. At this moment, we should keep our faith in Him strong. Encourage yourself by praying to Him every single day. Listening to worship songs, praying the Rosary, or simply downloading the Bible app on your phone and using it daily are simple things that will make your relationship with God stronger than before.


The time will come when things will go back to normal and we’ll live the life that we had before the pandemic. Let us not deprive ourselves of the things that we used to do. Have faith in God that everything will become better, sooner or later. 


LAYOUT BY: Cristine Joie Q. Bacud


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