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Freshmen Hacks 101: A Useful Starter Pack for Freshies

Vacation is coming to an end and a brand new academic year is about to begin yet again. Sadly, we still have to welcome yet another chapter of our lives online. The freshmen, or freshies as we fondly call them, will need to encounter another set of adjustments this coming semester as they transition to their college life.

Dealing with various impediments and issues is difficult even for seniors, let alone newcomers but fear not, dear freshies. Assume a comfortable seating position, lean back on your swivel chairs, and stir your coffee. Here are some hacks and tips that may enable you to survive the whole semester.


TAKE NOTE OF YOUR SCHEDULES. Maybe one of the most confusing parts of the online setup is having synchronous and asynchronous classes. To keep track of both, try printing your class schedule. Delve into your creative side and have fun customizing your schedule with bright colors to make them less boring. For assignments, submissions, and quizzes, it is highly suggested that you list your tasks according to difficulty and deadline so you can allot your time wisely especially on those gut-wrenching activities. Also, you may download the Class Up mobile application which helps students manage their classes, organize notes, and keep track of their daily tasks.


DOWNLOAD NECESSARY APPS FOR ONLINE CLASSES. Be mindful of the programs that should be present on your gadget. Download applications such as Zoom, Canvas, Google Meet, and Microsoft Outlook. These applications are used for administering synchronous and asynchronous classes, as well as a way to communicate with your respective professors or classmates. Familiarize yourself with how all of these applications work. However, download only those required by your professors as downloading it all, especially on phones, may take up a lot of storage space.

ORGANIZE FOLDERS ON LAPTOPS. For those lucky enough to afford laptops, you should start learning how to organize folders so you can be able to find a specific document quickly. Instead of placing a ton of singular documents on your Desktop, try segregating them according to their type within folders. Usually, professors set a limited number of passing attempts on Canvas so you better not confuse which files to submit. For those with storage problems, software applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive can help you store your files on Cloud with guaranteed safety and security. 


BE PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY PREPARED. Always remember that mental health is as important as physical health. To become physically prepared, sleep at least seven to eight hours before the first day of class. Doing so could help you improve your physical health and encourage you to be active on the first day of the semester. To maintain a positive energy throughout the day, try browsing on any of your social media accounts and search for hilarious memes or motivational quotes. Remember, a sound body keeps a sound mind.


STUDY AT YOUR MOST CONVENIENT TIME. Ask yourself when the perfect time of the day for you to study is. Doing so not only helps you absorb lessons better, but also improves your intellectual capability to learn more. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, study only at the time your brain is most active to have a better ability to recall details and integrate new information. Moreover, choosing a perfect and convenient time in studying is a way for you to stay both mentally and physically healthy. 


DON’T CRAM! As much as possible, avoid the habit of cramming, even as a freshie. It will lead to more burdens in the future. Start doing your tasks ahead of time before it is too late. Requirements can pile up more than you can ever imagine. In 24 units, there are eight subjects at most and the standard number of tasks you can have for a week would probably be at least three (but if you cram it can be way more).  Canvas lets you take a glimpse of the amount of activities you have for a whole month. As much as you can, start working on the workloads to avoid sleepless nights.


BUILD CONNECTIONS. Do not be intimidated by the online setup. Believe me when I say you can have friends even when classes are conducted online! College life is like an ocean; there are a lot of challenges and waves to conquer. Having friends to rely on can help you adjust properly especially with this setup. However, always choose your connections wisely. Be aware and vigilant about who you want to build a specific connection or friendship with. Making new friends is not a bad thing, but make sure the friendship is healthy and beneficial to your well-being.


KNOW WHAT ORGANIZATION/S TO JOIN. The School of Business and Accountancy offers different organizations where a student could develop his or her holistic growth and capabilities. These are the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) for those in the accounting track, Management Society (ManSoc) for business management students, Juris Orbis (JO) for legal management students, and yours truly, The Enterprise, the official publication of the SBA. All of these organizations are open for all interested freshies to join!


The SBA Community is always ready to conquer the waves life has to offer, that is why our school’s symbol is a Dolphin. We are indeed strong and brave enough to face the tides life is about to bring. It may seem to be challenging, tough, and tiring, but we can always make a good impression on everyone and prove that we can overcome any obstacle that we find along the way.


LAYOUT BY: Casey R. Aguilos


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