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July 2, 2020
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July 2, 2020

Dive by the SEA

In this Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic, everyone is experiencing their own struggles. We have a lot of things to face depending on our resources. This quarantine showed us that we could burn out like a candle instantly. However, this situation proved that Juan should make sure to bring three materials to make this quarantine a worthwhile experience.

At first, Juan was perplexed. Juan didn’t have any idea what to bring because it was the first time that this happened in the years of his existence. So, he searched and found the materials one by one.

Juan found a sandstone. And he saw that it was great. He took it on his trip, saving it with great knowledge about its purpose. “In this pandemic, I should polish myself like a knife until I am sharp enough to shape the future of this country. I might be dull at the moment but with this opportunity, I’ll strike back as a great warrior of this country,” he said.

He continued with his journey, seeking for new equipment that he can bring in this quarantine. Juan was very confident with his eyesight. However, he tripped on an object called eyeglasses. Juan knew at that very moment that he needed it. He wore it and suddenly, things became clearer.

“I must use these eyeglasses to perceive the world more clearly. I should make sure to see what’s right and wrong. I should be able to see what is fake and real. With these eyeglasses, I should see things differently now – with keenness and thoroughness,” he stated.

Juan was tired at that very moment. He sat down and when he was about to fall asleep, something suddenly rang –  an alarm clock. With lousy eyes, Juan believed that it was his last equipment for this quarantine.

“I should get things done at the right time. I should be able to manage my time to avoid regrets of not being able to do something better. I should make use of this clock to make sure that I’m wide awake to the reality because I am the future of this country!” he exclaimed. 

Juan ended his journey in finding his three pieces of equipment. Now, he will venture again and find the real essence of life in this quarantine – to be polished, to be a critical thinker, and to be attentive.


LAYOUT BY: Cristine Joie Q. Bacud

PHOTO SOURCE(S): Canva element

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