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July 2, 2020
July 2, 2020

Debunking Covid-19 Myths

   In these days of confusion and the fear of an invisible invader, there exist brave yet morbidly naive individuals who look for imaginative ways to combat the virus as well as find things to blame the virus on to give themselves a false sense of security. Here are some myths and conspiracy theories that people believe in that are either proven to be false or lack evidence to be considered factual:


Vitamin C, Ginger and Garlic makes me immune to Covid-19

     Ascorbic Acid, commonly known as Vitamin C, is an essential nutrient that boosts a person’s immune system and also functions as an antioxidant according to the US National Institute of Health. This vitamin, in regular doses, reduces the duration of common cold symptoms such as coughing and mild fever by 1 day as stated by a study conducted in 2013 by Dr. Bruce Bistrian. However, the study also stated that Vitamin C does not reduce the risk of being infected by any communicable disease. In other words, Vitamin C will not protect you from Covid-19, a type of communicable disease. Proper hygiene and the strict observance of social distancing is the only way to be protected from the virus so overdosing on Vitamin C chewable gummies thinking that it is a cure may cause more harm to a person than good. Binge-eating garlic cloves or drinking gallons of garlic or ginger tea won’t protect you either. 


Drinking Liquor kills Covid-19

     Rubbing Alcohol, specifically Isopropyl or Ethyl Alcohol, is commonly used for disinfecting and sanitizing purposes. It does so by disturbing and disrupting the proteins found around a virus like Covid-19 thus inhibiting its ability to spread and infect. Distilled spirits, beer, or any alcoholic beverages have the same type of alcohol found in rubbing alcohol: ethanol. The fact that they both have ethanol tricks people into believing that drinking liquors would disinfect and protect the body. Although no known studies are showing positive effects of drinking liquors in combating Covid-19, drinking in large quantities would definitely bring more disadvantages to a person’s immune system than benefits. According to Dr. Michael Jay Nusbaum, MD, FACS, FASMBS, chief of Bariatric Surgery at Morristown Medical Center, USA, “Alcohol intake can damage your liver and interfere with the detoxification of other harmful substances and drugs.” It would be wise for those who are of legal age to drink moderately and responsibly just to pass the time than to drink a whole bottle of Gin a day in the hopes of countering Covid-19. To add, drinking rubbing alcohol is extremely deadly for those who haven’t done so already. 


5G towers suppress the Immune System 

     According to the Internet “Sayangtists”, 5G is a new form of network which generates Radio-frequency radiation. This radiation mutates DNA and causes cancer, disrupts a person’s lymphatic system making them vulnerable to diseases, and was created by the Illuminati to promote a New World Order ruled by Reptilian overlords. These are all false. 5G, the successor to 4G, is a form of radio wave, similar to what car radios, phones, satellite televisions, and Wi-Fi routers generate. What makes people afraid of it is the fact that radio waves fall under the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum includes ultraviolet rays, X-rays, and gamma rays which are deadly to humans in large quantities. On the spectrum, the longer the wavelength, the safer it is. Radio Waves have the longest wavelengths and are as deadly as the colors you see in the rainbow.

     People are also scared because 5G emits radiation. The term “radiation” is extremely frightening to the common person, it makes them lose all their senses, so much so that they destroy 5G towers in the hopes that their brains, if they had any, won’t melt. It is a fact that everything on the electromagnetic spectrum emits radiation. Those below visible light such as microwaves and radio waves emit non-ionizing radiation while those above it like X-rays and UV rays emit ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation is safe and is equivalent to sticking your hand out in front of a light bulb while ionizing radiation destroys your cells. Both use the word radiation, but the two are not the same when it comes to being deadly.      

     This conspiracy existed long before the outbreak and people started making connections since Wuhan, where Covid-19 started, had a 5G tower installed. People have also blamed Bill Gates, claiming that he’s creating a vaccine scam to rule the world. Although 5G has its flaws including its insane price and dependence on a large number of 5G towers, none of them include world domination, disease, and especially not a brain-melting death weapon. 


     From Vitamin C to cancer-inducing towers, the human mind is the greatest when it comes to survival. People tend to find ways to survive even if it kills them. Every human being on this planet prioritizes safety especially during these trying times but to jeopardize the safety of others by spreading fake or misleading data is terrible. It is wise to find solutions than to create panic and to live life to the fullest instead of fearing the illogical.


LAYOUT BY: Chester P. Cortez

PHOTO SOURCE(S): Engin Akyurt, Echo Grid (Unsplash), Prem Pal Singh (Pexels)

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