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July 2, 2020
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Compre recommences this July

The Comprehensive Examination retake for graduating students will officially be held on July 6, 8, and 10 at the PGN building 2nd Floor as stated by Ms. Sandra Brucal, the Chairperson of the Accountancy department. The time of the examination will be held from 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm.


In terms of safety and precaution, each room will hold 14 examinees, having a two-meter area around them with their corresponding names marked on each seat. 


Sanitizers and alcohol bottles are not to be provided to each examinee and they are thus instructed to bring their own sanitizing equipment. However, there are some areas where sanitizers and alcohol bottles are readily available for public use. Chatting or mingling with co-examinees is also prohibited as to enforce social distancing.


The wearing of face masks is mandatory during the exam. Concerning transportation, the paid parking area will be available during the examination. Pick-up and drop-off zones will be assigned for examinees who were brought by their parents/guardians to the University.


Waiting areas for parents or guardians will be provided. Only one parent or guardian is allowed per examinee to limit the number of people within the University.


The Holy Angel University (HAU) bus is to be used only for eight examinees who are below 21 and five immunocompromised examinees.


Regarding examination procedures, the examinees are to submit the Notice of Admission forms and payment of the Exam Fee online or on the first day of the test. Once completed, they are to attend wearing either their school uniform or a plain white polo and pants bringing with them their calculators, pencils, and other necessities. Scientific calculators are prohibited.


During the examination, examinees will receive their test questionnaires and scanner sheet, all encased in a plastic bag. Examinees are only allowed to sit once all the bags are placed on their respective seats. These plastic bags are to be sanitized before being touched.


Once the examination is finished, each examinee is to drop their answer sheets in the designated drop box upon the signal of their proctor, while maintaining physical distancing. Only one examinee is allowed in front of the box at any given time. 


HAU is also providing accommodation for five students — two males and three females. They are free to stay at St. Martha Dorm from July 5 to July 10. This is to prevent some students from going back and forth from their homes to the school during the comprehensive examination. Specific details are yet to be announced.


LAYOUT BY: Cristine Joie Q. Bacud

PHOTO SOURCE(S): Times Higher Education

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