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July 3, 2020
I’ll Remember It in the Morning
July 3, 2020

An Obligation or an Option?

In times where our minds are distracted by the epidemic occurring worldwide, how can we make a decision where our very own lives are at stake? Is it worth taking the risk, knowing that you might die or suffer a loss?


Numerous students are now hanging to a resolution whether to enroll or not this school year amidst the pandemic. Each is grasping to different grounds according to each life situation. You might be one of those students having difficulties in determining if you can still pursue your dreams or maybe you need to stop for at least a year.


The number of students who can enroll this school year is not that many. There are those who can still afford to pay their tuition fee, while others still have savings allotted for their studies. Some will seek solutions just to ensure that they can afford to study even in an online class. Some students sell various products online, and there are also those who will ask for loans. Simple efforts create thousands of opportunities. 


You may also believe that an online class is not as effective as the old way of classroom teaching. Some students do not find it inappropriate at all, with the help of adequately-trained professors who are computer literate and can keep up with modern technology. Others don’t want to be left behind by taking a year off. They think that by doing so, they would really fall back. However, there’s also nothing wrong in thinking otherwise.


Some of us in our department have already enrolled for this upcoming academic year, but there are still lots, mostly freshmen, who still can’t due to various reasons. Some students just can’t decide while others simply can’t enroll. This is mostly because of financial problems. Understandably, the main reason for most of us is that our parents have not had jobs for almost four months since the COVID-19 circulated. You may also factor in the high tuition fee despite having online classes, which is why it is expected that the enrollment rate this year will decline. There are also those among us who don’t have the means to take part in online classes. Many don’t have access to the required gadgets and stable internet connection. Most parents, if not all, think that online class is not a good channel of learning for their child. It can even distract the focus of the children in studying because they can access different sites, and this is truly alarming. It is also easier to procrastinate, which is not good for the behaviors of the students.


You may be scared of taking a break due to personal reasons, but it is not a terrible decision. If you think that it is the right thing to do, then you may do so. You will never know how that decision can help you in terms of self growth during your year off. You might also think, “What is a year compared to my life situation? I may enroll this school year but how about my family? Can we sustain our needs if I am going to pursue my dream now?” You must just remember that stopping a year in your studies is not a valid reason for you to stop achieving your dreams. At the end of the day, the last words are yours.


At present, those who have the privilege can mostly ensure their spots in a journey of pursuing dreams. But don’t write off those persons striving just to guarantee their victory in holding their dreams. Even in the worst scenario, there are still those who can pull strings and find ways to solve their problems. But not all can. Everyone is not on the same boat. You may have been born with a golden spoon in your mouth, but others were not. Most rely on their own survival skills just to cope up with the standard of the society. Enrolling in one of the most prestigious universities in the country is not a simple thing to do. Everyone wants to graduate from such school but not all can afford to do so. I believe, however, that above all these things, this decision is not an obligation but surely enough is an option fairly given to everyone.


LAYOUT BY: Chester P. Cortez

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