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June 28, 2024
Rainbow Celebration
July 5, 2024

The Rising Sunflowers

In the quiet darkness beneath the soil of the university structures is a sunflower seed stirred. She felt the warmth within, an unseen sun calling her to rise over. The seed dithered, hidden in the comfort of the earth, yet the commodity deeper prompted her to push through the unknown.


Within the echoes of hallways, the sunflower stood at the threshold of a new school year. Their hearts fluttered with excitement and jitters, each feeling the sun pulling an implicit pledge of growth.


As the sunflower follows each of her new seasons, she takes new steps in the corridors, her roots digging into unfamiliar ground. She was a seed breaking through the soil, reaching for the light. The rooms turn into a field with whispers and horse laughs—soft hums of friendship start to rise.


The day of instruction began, each curious question, was a beam nourishing their minds. The nurturing gardeners—the professors— cultivated their students with care, soddening them to stretch and evolve.


Every day, she will grow. Her confidence shall bloom with every success and failure, each passing a petal in their ever-expanding sunflowers. The sunflower will learn to stand altitudinous, precisely seeking the light when murk impedes.


A call upon the seedlings of this inconceivable progress, her wish is good luck to them. As she looks up at the sky, she reaches with hope for these seedlings to grow tall and strong—always reaching for the light.


From one sunflower to another, here’s to a year of growth, discovery, and the steadfast pursuit of knowledge. May your roots find rich ground, your stems grow sturdy, and petals bloom with colors of dreams and bournes, like a sunflower—like you.

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