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Midway Point
March 4, 2024
HAU-SBA recognizes the first sem’s PLs and DLs of AY 2023-2024
March 21, 2024

The Marching Band of March

In the heartbeat of the unknown, there lies a field filled with flowers and a mysterious tree standing at its center. A rhythmic excitement echoes throughout the land as a marching band known for its nomadic adventures fills the spring breeze with music. They do not have a name, but they travel from sea to land, exploring the unknown things one woman can do. They are a symphony that welcomes every dreamer to share their countless stories of triumphs and lows.

At the hem of constellated musicians is their singer, Clara. She is poised like fire but sings like water, with stories intricately woven by her. They sing about the culture, knowledge, and life of people. Clara is known for her eyes that exude strength and calmness. She is a leader, a mother to all her musicians, and a candlelight to kids who aspire to be like her.

Clara claps her hands, and all the members attentively look at her. The singer requests a nostalgic beat as she remembers the festivities they will soon be visiting. The Marching Band couldn’t resist the invitation from the head of town to be a guest at one of the most anticipated celebrations. The festival only runs in March, a time to celebrate the flames of passion and purpose.

Waves of laughter streamed around the field and caught Clara’s attention. She waves back as she sees three children who say hello.

“Can we watch you? Please!” the puppy eyes of the young ones couldn’t Clara let it pass.

“Everyone, we have three important guests. Let’s share a memorable story, shall we?” The kids sat at the tree alongside where Clara was standing.

As soon as she nodded, all the strings and drums began to build a story of a girl with tidal waves of endless hope and possibilities. Clara sings with liberation, carving a path of empowerment with the cadence of determination. The last note left a trail of melody of fall like winter, captivating the hearts of the audience listening to the notable Marching Band.

But the children aren’t the only ones who are listening. Fate tasted the band as bandits swirled around them with swords, arrows, and knives.

“I know those eyes, maybe we make something of a living for that.” The bandits want a trade and ask the Marching band for their most prized possessions over their liberation. 

Clara stands still despite the thousands of sharp edge gears around her and tries to negotiate with the bandits. One of them has a mocking smile with a scheming flair on his posture. It was as if he killed a lot of things, like one’s purpose.

“He’s tricking you, Clara!” someone shouted, as the marching band erupted into a scream to help Clara. 

The battle of knives and instruments began that shed the flower field in a red bath. A panting of small feet was heard on the side, the three children never looked back as they were left with a story of power and empowerment.

Everything went back to grey. No one knew where Clara had gone, nor did the Marching Band. But their soul lives in the towns they visit. One of the kids never stopped and let the band’s songs tune every town until their melodies were back from the dead. 

Amidst the lurking dangers, it is often a woman’s unwavering love for the things she holds dear that proves to be the world’s most valuable. It is in her deep-seated passion and devotion that we find the strength and resilience to overcome even the toughest of challenges. 


LAYOUT ARTIST(S): Christian Aviv Cruz

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