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January 16, 2021
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February 24, 2021

Minor Subjects Evolve in a Major Way

As another semester is about to commence, new challenges and trials are expected to come. There are still things that students look forward to and things that they worry about, especially with their subjects. One primary concern is that general education or minor subjects are becoming more tedious than major ones.


Lines like “pa-major naman ‘yan” are what some students say whenever there are projects concerning a specific subject that is not related to their course. Most, if not all of the time, these projects provide more headaches and sleepless nights to students than their major subjects. There are instances wherein minor subjects could already be considered as a burden to the point that they affect the students’ ability to learn properly by making them focus more on submitting requirements than learning. Although some may think that minor subjects provide students relief from the stress of major subjects, that notion has been entirely crushed after what happened in the first semester.


A minor subject is not hard in and of itself. If there was an existing college that only taught minor subjects, it would be way less stressful than a college teaching only major subjects. What makes these minor subjects hard is the mixture and relationship with major subjects. Minor subjects are generally supportive in nature. They exist so students would be provided with additional knowledge beyond their majors. However, it can arguably be said that because major subjects are naturally hard and are in need of constant attention, the supportive knowledge that minors provide only disperses that attention elsewhere. In other words, it only adds to the burden instead of providing additional information.


In essence, major and minor subjects are technically the same. Both provide knowledge, are billed the same in terms of units, and produce an excellent source of top-of-the-line stress and frustration. What makes them different is that minor subjects have lesser specifications, while major subjects are broader, concerning the degree program. In simple terms, one is the primary while the other is a side-kick.


Despite all these, however, there is nothing that students can do to change the way minor and major subjects coexist. Negotiating with professors can help, but this is only a “Band-Aid” solution. The secret to conquering these major problems in minor subjects is simple—time management. It seems hard, but there will be instances that time management will become a pivotal part of everyday life, especially in jobs. If there is one thing you could take from studying in college, it is how to manage your time efficiently.


The last semester was indeed one hell of a ride with these minor subjects, and yet, students have succeeded in finishing the semester even though there are a lot of obstacles. Still, in the end, students were indeed strong enough to conquer their worries and fears.

LAYOUT BY: Cristine Joie Q. Bacud

PHOTO SOURCE(S): Canva Contributors

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