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ManSoc terminates Director of Leading, alleges a rushed process

The Management Society (ManSoc) announced the disaffiliation of Tyron Tayag as the Director of Leading of the organization as of May 31, 2024. 

According to ManSoc’s Facebook post, this action was based on Article 6, Section 3 of the organization’s Constitution and By-Laws, which pertains to failure to perform duties with no valid reason, non-participation in major activities, and unexcused absence from three consecutive meetings without notifying the secretary. The term “disaffiliation” was clarified in an online interview with Mr. Jared Manio, the outgoing ManSoc President. 

“Mr. Tayag committed certain violations and demonstrated accountability by fully engaging in the due process. He has accepted the decision of the organization. The term “unaffiliation” is used to signify this outcome.”

When questioned about the measures to prevent this action from occurring in the future, Manio stated that the organization had measures to prevent such incidents. 

“Moving forward, both former and incoming officers of the Management Society have revisited the organization’s by-laws and proposed amendments to address this and other areas needing of improvement.” He added. 

Unraveling the Narrative

Meanwhile, the publication conducted an online interview with the former Director of Leading about this due process. Tayag disclosed some occurrences which he discerns that lead to ManSoc’s decision. 

“My absences in meetings were generally viewed as “invalid reasons”; but I believe that personal reasons should not be deemed as so. I was expected to do departmental work. However, nothing was delegated to me by my superior. My previous chats are often left ignored. Come April, the group chat for the pubmat became inactive, and I was left in the dark of the postings on the page.”

He emphasized that personal relationships with one another were given so much importance that leniency was prioritized more than compliance, making the implementation of the Constitution and By-Laws inconsistent. 

Tayag then disclosed that he was informed about the posting of his termination with a debriefing conducted beforehand of the released statement by the organization. But he admit that the announcement of the termination itself was rather shocking. 

“In turn, its process was rushed but seemingly planned… I appleaed about the rushed process. Only then, [there] was a formal process “better” implemented” He stated further. 

With, quote on quote, termination of the former Director of Leading respond to ManSoc that he has no hostility towards the organization itself. 

“…for I have one purpose since I became a student leader – to serve the student body and for their interest. I am dedicated to fulfilling this purpose despite the disagreements or arguments that may have arisen in the process. And while it is saddening that my term will end on such a note, I do believe that it is best for me to prioritize things that matter more – my academics and mental health.” 

The Counterpoint to Allegations

The Enterprise reached out to ManSoc regarding the allegations, confirming the process of the unaffilition and the constitutional aspects of it. 

“Upon deliberately checking the Constitution and Bylaws of ManSoc at the time the incident occurred, it was apparent that there is no stipulation regarding any process. However, as firm believers of fairness and justice, we desired to uphold due process for our colleague…First off, a motion for termination was filed, which could either be seconded or objected. Since it was seconded without objection, we formed the Committee on Investigation (COI) comprising three officers known for their rationality, objectivity, and impartiality. The COI then began comparing the cases against Mr. Tayag to the organization’s Constitution and Bylaws.”

Furthermore, they clarified that they handled the termination internally. The Dean of the School of Business and Accountancy (SBA) was later informed of the resolution. 

The Future of the Position

Despite his termination, Tayag expressed to his constituents about his message about professionalism is very important in an organization or workplace. 

“…Should there be any personal or work disputes, these matters should be treated separately. If there are conflicts in the personal aspect, do not take it in the professional aspect, and vice versa. Also, there should exist clear and sound laws within the organization. No one shall have the privilege of bending it to their convenience, nor escape punishment for seemingly “small” violations.” 

ManSoc has established its new officers for the following school year as of today, June 12, 2024. The organization has added amendments that have been implemented in their constitution following this incident, ensuring that future incidents shall follow a strict process. 

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