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Sa Ilalim ng Pinakamataas na Saranggola
July 3, 2020
Sorrowful Wind
July 3, 2020

In My Eyes

I can see something hidden,

something meticulous,

something obscured,

and yet you deliver.

I can see someone willing,

someone worthy,

someone precious,

and yet abused.

I can see a heart,

something soft,

something admirable,

and yet misunderstood.

I can see treasure,

someone desirable, 

someone dedicated,

and yet scathed.

I can see greatness, 

something deep, 

something veiled, 

and yet unappreciated. 

Your smile marks, 

ever contagious, 

in spite of emptiness, 

you chose to continue. 

It is in my eyes, 

I can see something untold, 

pretending to be happy—

hardest thing to do. 

From what I can see, 

viewpoint from afar, 

you are not just something, 

but rather someone, GREAT. 

I appreciate your craft, 

even if others can’t see, 

I admire your strength, 

even if at the cost of thee.

LAYOUT BY: Cristine Joie Q. Bacud

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  1. Nichole Hernandez says:

    Very uplifting. ???

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