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June 26, 2024
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July 1, 2024

#FirstDaySBA: Dolphins conflict abrupt changes in class schedules

Students from the School of Business and Accountancy (SBA) experienced a sudden change in their respective class schedules yesterday, June 26—the first day of the Academic Year 2024-2025.


In an interview with the College Student Council – SBA (CSC-SBA), Governor Sophia Componion revealed on receiving a memorandum of updated schedules for dissemination.


As a result, some students were transferred to other block sections, causing changes in the schedule. The changes impacted a significant number of management students, including a third-year marketing management student who wishes to remain anonymous. 


“I was also stressed, and I felt very confused about why I was suddenly moved to another [section], despite the fact that I enrolled early for this block and subjects, which now appears to be very unfair to [us].” 


Furthermore, they expounded on the mood of other management students affected by these changes. 


“They were also surprised and even mentioned that it was a good thing they checked their portal; otherwise, they wouldn’t even be informed about these changes, which [could] also result in them missing their classes,”


Ms. Aina Trinidad, the Management Chairperson, stated that this occurrence was primarily due to the dissolution of certain subject courses.


According to Ms. Trinidad, the dissolution of subjects is beyond the control of even the admins, adding that this measure is “to mitigate and aid the floating students who left unenrolled in these subjects.”


Despite these issues, all SBA classes will proceed to a full face-to-face modality this week, as initially instructed.

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