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“This came as a surprise to you but if you [will] ask the SBA family, the faculty, they knew,” the now-former dean has spilled the tea concerning her recent stepping down as the School of Business and Accountancy (SBA) dean.

Former Dean, Dr. Ma. Lina T. Ramoneda:

For almost 36 years, Dr. Ramoneda served as an instructor in SBA. During those years, she became the chairperson of the Department of Management for three years before her actual promotion as the dean. She “would like to think” that it was because of her qualifications and experience that was able to boost her into getting the promotion.

“I have proven myself that I am capable of handling this position… it’s time for me to decide what I want,” Ramoneda emphasized.

It was never part of the former dean’s plan to serve for two years. She planned to be the dean for only a year as stated in her contract. However, when the pandemic struck, she had no choice but to extend her service for another year. She firmly believed that it was not right to leave during such a time.

When the pandemic started to look tamer with the creation of vaccines and safety protocols, she had no more reason to expand her term and would instead go back to full-time teaching. Furthermore, she said that her decision was announced to the SBA faculty months beforehand. During the faculty’s Christmas party last year, she formally told the administration that she would not renew her contract as the dean of SBA. “There was no resignation at all,” she stated.


During her term, many Dolphins were in discontent with her service—that she was intolerant at best and “deanmonic” at worst. These sentiments were due to her unwavering stance on having qualification and comprehensive exams during the pandemic when almost all students pleaded not to have it due to numerous and valid reasons. To add salt to the wound, her saying “Shift na” and “Ang hina naman ng loob niyo” to those who fought to cancel the exams infuriated a lot of students, hence the severe backlash and creation of a TikTok video of her having a demon emoji juxtaposed onto her face.

When asked about these issues, she remained unshaken and compacted with her principles. She mentioned that the decisions she chose were made to teach students to be resilient and that not everything they demand will be given to them on a silver platter; that in real life, in work or elsewhere, those who have authority will not bat an eye to those who complain about every single issue. Employers would rather find someone else to do a better job than to address minor issues of each employee as if they were Genies. It could even be postulated that her remarks are far tamer than those stated by people of authority outside the University.

The management professor said that she was never inconsiderate and gave a reminder that she listened to the students’ demand to postpone the first qualifying exam back when Accountancy seniors were still in their 2nd year. She reiterated that the qualification or comprehensive exams are requirements in the retention policy of the school and to remove them is to go against its rules. She then said that failing the exam is not the end of one’s life and that this could be a way for God to show that there are far better directions besides it.

“There is life after the qualification examination. There’s life,” she stated.

However, when reflecting upon her decisions, she learned that even if one were to be seen as an adversary when implementing the retention policies or anything for that matter, one must stand firm and be ready to face the backlash.

“I’ve learned that you cannot please everybody… you should be ready to make unpopular decisions,” she said.

Nevertheless, Ramoneda thanked the Dolphins for the support that they have shown and encouraged the students for another round of it for the new dean.

“Two years had gone by so fast and I would like to thank all of you for the support you have extended to me and my team of SBA administrators… I am encouraging everybody to support [Dr. Albert Morales] because the beneficiaries here will all be us, the entire SBA family,” she mentioned.


New Dean Dr. Albert G. Morales:

Dr. Morales was previously the associate dean during the time of the former dean. He also served as the Accountancy Program Chairperson from 2009-2016. Despite his previous positions, he confessed that he did not expect to become the SBA’s next dean. However, he would later say that he is ready to serve to the best of his abilities.

“We will [be] here to support you… I will not let down the SBA,” he said.

The new dean stated that the projects started by Dr. Ramoneda will be continued by the administrators as they have been based on strategic plans that required a long-term approach. He addressed the plans for a linkage with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for the management programs, and the continuation of immersion with the DTI, SyCip Gorres Velayo & Company (SGV & Co.), and Commission on Higher Education (CHEd). He also emphasized the desire of the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) to have a “Focus Group” for every program.

“As the new administrators, we will be maintaining our support with the whole SBA… Whatever problems, don’t hesitate to approach us: we are more than willing to help,” Morales stated.

Moving forward is a vital step to growth. Going through the consequences of our actions and people’s reactions may not always be in our favour, but they are actually of great importance on how we are being shaped as individuals. The same goes for taking the next step of the ladder—it may bring uncertainties, but at least it shows boldness. In the end, regrets fire more damage than shooting a try.


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PHOTO SOURCE(S): The Enterprise & HAU

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