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The CSC-SBA Official Press Release, November 24, 2023

The College Student Council of the School of Business and Accountancy (CSC-SBA) announced the resignation of Ms. Kamille Earl Benitez, the Councilor for Legal Affairs and Grievances, through their Facebook page, earlier today, November 24, 2023.

As per the CSC-SBA’s press release,  Benitez filed her resignation last October 16 due to personal and academic reasons. However, due to the ongoing preparation of SBA days, the effectivity date started on November 15, and the University Student Election Commission acknowledged it last November 22.

“The reason behind my resignation is [for] me to focus more on my mental health and academics. I know being a student leader is a big responsibility. But on my part, I’ve always believed that my academics [are] more important and my top priority.” Ms. Benitez said in an interview that she expressed the reason behind her resignation.

In an interview, the former councilor also highlighted her experiences as one of the CSC-SBA’s councilors, and her gratitude to the CSC-SBA and SBA community.

“This experience is very special [to] me. I’ve always [loved] serving my fellow students even back in high school, and that’s why having a chance to be one of the Councilors of CSC-SBA  is very fulfilling. From being a Mac Member and Junior Leader to being a Councilor is a big step and responsibility, but I choose to answer the call for leadership.”  Ms. Benitez added. 

She also indicated her plans now that she has stepped down from the position. 

“I am planning to focus more and give more time [to] my academics since that’s my reason for resigning. But I’ll still serve my fellow students in the simplest way that I can, even if I am not in the position.” Ms. Benitez said.

In the meantime, Ms. Bianca Angeline Reguindin, CSC-SBA Chairperson, temporarily filled the vacant position.

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