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July 5, 2024
JAAn steps up as SBA CSO Commissioner
July 12, 2024

3 studes to serve fresh leadership under revamped Student Constitution

The College Student Council – School of Business and Accountancy (CSC-SBA) announced the newly appointed students Kato Tetangco, Lance Maverick Castro, and Imma Rose Pangilinan on their roles under the modified student governance constitution for the Academic Year 2024-2025.


Tetangco carries role of Associate Solicitor General

Taking charge as the Assoc. SolGen, Kato Tetangco stated his experience in student advocacy and governance. With a distinguished background of serving as Prefect for Discipline and Prefect for Academics for three consecutive years at his previous institution, the newly appointed officer views these roles as foundational to his current position.


“These roles served as stepping stones, as they primarily involved addressing the personal, academic, and faculty grievances of the students,” he stated.


In response to queries about the necessity of the Office of Associate Solicitor General, Tetangco emphasized his core responsibility.


“It is clear to the Office of the Solicitor General members that the primary focus is to process, manage, and address the concerns and grievances of the Angelite community,” he clarified.


Additionally, he noted that their direct and sole attention and commitment lie in effectively catering to the needs of the students.


Castro steps up as SBA Senator

Meanwhile, elected SBA Senator Lance Maverick Castro emphasized his dedication to serving the community.


Aiming to pursue public service after graduation, Castro seeks to alleviate current economic issues, such as unemployment, by equipping students with the needed skills and knowledge.


“My goal as a senator is to ensure that they will grow as successful people in the future,” the student leader explained.


Pangilinan takes position as Senator-at-Large

CSC-SBA also announced the appointment of Imma Rose Pangilinan from the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) as SBA’s Senator-at-Large under the transitory provisions of the new constitution.


Pangilinan’s leadership journey possesses significant experience as a former Vice President and Year-level Representative at her college-based student organization, United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary (UAPSA).


“Through those experiences, I became much more aware of the process; when it comes to preparing programs,” she shared.


Pangilinan also mentioned her motivation for joining the Senate was from her experiences as a student and her desire to enact positive changes within the university.


“From observing to being aware of the news from the press about the happenings in our university, I wanted to make positive changes to help my fellow students,” she specified.


Concurrently, CSC-SBA Governor Sophia Angela Componion and Councilor for Human Resources Kristelle Cayabyab shared in an interview how the appointment process for Senator-at-Large happened.


“Due to the lack of applications from SBA students, we opted to ask for recommendations from the Management Society and the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants and Auditors United. However, ManSoc’s recommendation already applied, while JPIAA-U failed to respond. Mr. Paul Ernest Carreon then recommended Ms. Imma Rose Pangilinan to fill the vacancy of the Senator-at-Large position,” they explained.


After deliberating the endorsement for Pangilinan, CSC-SBA determined she was qualified for the position.


To further elaborate the Senator-at-Large scope of responsibilities, the CSC-SBA also expounded the new role imposed shall focus on passing legislations which aid the students on their concerns and subject matters that needs to be put into light.


“These bills, resolutions, laws, etc. are subjects which focus on making the university a better functioning and equal environment for everybody,” the two student leaders concluded.


The chosen student leaders promised a dynamic academic year for SBA, with their combined experience and commitment to student advocacy driving positive changes in the department.


The SBA community eagerly anticipates the initiatives and improvements these leaders will bring, marking a significant step towards enhancing student representation and administrative efficiency as the fresh academic year progresses.

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